1. Vincent Litchard says

    Yes, I twas watching mien animes, and this pollution was on every
    commercial on ONE PEICE. My animes says everyone in the military is human
    garbage, I happen to agree, so MEIN ANIMES IS THE LEADER. Onward, Monkey D
    luffy, destroy the guvment. make ur dad the president of erth

  2. doughpro says

    @Kra7as Obviously the message went over your “uneducated stupid” head. Go
    back to your “oh so real” video games, you pathetic, America-hating, loser.

  3. Ihatemyusernamemore says

    @SaltonSeaCoolio Contrary to what you would like to believe the ammount of
    money you’re corrupt government spends on it’s military doesn’t make your
    dick any bigger. Fags like you who need to rely on patriotism just have
    nothing of substance in to be proud of

  4. austinboy101 says

    if i was there i’d slap on my gas mask cuz it doesn’t snow when its 115
    degrees its a new haji weapon P.S. i do know what this commercial means so
    no hate replies

  5. Ryan Cunningham says

    @pillsome195 I think they made it to show support, and to make people think
    that Walmart cares, and now all the family’s of the troops will shop at
    Walmart. And people who didn’t like them before, will now shop at Walmart.
    And of course they are trying to sell products, that’s how company’s stay
    in business. Walmart recently found out sad commercials sell lots of
    product, and that catchy saying “We save people money so they can live
    better.” Sam Walton created a monster, without knowing it.

  6. Joshua Howard says

    Walmart is the greatest advocate of, and for CAPITALISM in the World; and
    whereas no man has any innate rights but such as he secures for himself by
    industry, Walmart gives millions of associates the opportunity to secure
    for themselves opportunity, and introduces emerging economies to globalism
    as never before. It is in my mind the company which best exemplifies the
    virtues of America. As an associate, I am proud to be part of a company
    which is not afraid to stand up for the flag of America.

  7. bunnytooful says

    @rpg1688 Ha Ha Ha That’s Great!! It’s the thought that counts right?? <3
    Thank you for your service : } <3

  8. Dohamann says

    Wtf has this to do with Walmart??? Are they supporting wars or anything? In
    this ad you could replace Walmart with any other kind of company. If they
    have shown in which ways they support soldiers in those regions or wars in
    general, it would have made much more sense.

  9. ShogunStudios says

    Walmart supports our troops, yet they refuse military IDs??? Yeah…. Fuck
    you, Walmart. Fuck you….

  10. y05077 says

    I was waiting for a punchline that never came…I mean I’m not from America
    so I’m probably not used to this level of cheesey crap but JESUS CHRIST! I
    mean seriously?! I hope when this was put on tv there the immediate
    reaction of the entire country was “SERIOUSLY?!”

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