1. James Sage says

    Stay away from trying to sell things when you don’t know what your talking
    about. Fist fire’s come with mounts and adds only twenty additional dollars
    to the cost the Fast fire III is only 249 also you don’t have to remove the
    fast fire site III to replace the battery. 

  2. Future11B says

    If you buy this sight off of primary arms they’ll throw in a free primary
    arms 3x magnifier and thumb screw mount.

  3. Raz Fiasco says

    Can someone please do a review of the Armasight MCS Daytime Sight?I’ve been
    trying to decide between this or the MCS but have not been able to find any
    reviews on the MCS.I like the MCS because of the NV compatibility and the
    included protector and sunshade.Plus,the MCS is only $300 compared to this
    at $479.Thanks.

  4. NewWorld323 says

    Can it handle the recoil from a 44 mag desert eagle? Looking for an optic
    for my desert eagle in the 44mag and maybe the 50ae.

  5. 1WD-FTW says

    How does this compare to the Leupold Deltapoint? The Deltapoint is closer
    to the Razor’s price than the Trijicon RMR and Burris FastFire, and I like
    the triangle reticle but it also seems like the Deltapoint doesn’t come
    with a pic mount…


    So 200 bucks from the vortex to the RMR is a game and mind changer but not
    the over 200 bucks vortex to the burris fast fire…lol 

  7. Camp Carnage says

    thank you for taking the time to put this comprehensive review together. It
    was exactly the type of review I was looking for in my search for a red dot

  8. RLBGM1 says

    This is how a weapons and accessories review is suppose to be like no BS,
    music in the back ground just real fun facts on the product. Great job I’m
    subscribing right now thanks 

  9. Hammerdown says

    awesome review. you sold me on it when you dropped it like 4 times! I
    have a sparc 1 and 2. vortex makes good, accurate, reliable sights. I am
    looking for a micro red dot for my Scorpion EVO 3 SBR. Unless the Venom
    or Viper look better when they come out, my EVO will be sporting a Razor.
    Thanks for the review MAC.

  10. billy nuts says

    Nobody who has one of those things we need to live, reason and survive, oh
    yeah, a brain, would EVER pay $479 for this optic when there’s SO many
    better options for just a little more. I don’t know what they sell for now
    seeing that this is an older video, but $479 is ENTIRELY TOO MUCH for an
    unproved, fairly unattractive (imo) optic that’s larger than others in the
    same category.

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