1. Buddy Peters says

    it’s like going back in time to 1970′s lol….Good luck with that out dated
    garbage Russia !!

  2. botchedonce says

    Bible prophecy has Russia included in the last days. Does not mention
    America. I’m guessing that America loses its confrontation with Russia.

  3. tonyhawk94 says

    I’m french and i love my country but it’s true that there’s not a country
    in the world that can face Russia on it’s own territory, Napoleon tried, he
    failed, Hitler tried and failed too, the next one are the American and they
    will fail too.

  4. mattpliska says

    America is just more powerful in every military aspect possible. we have
    more aircraft, helicopters, vehicles, peoples and arms, our technology is a
    decade or two ahead of everyone else. our training is far better and so is
    our intelligence. the only thing Russia has that is close to us is their
    army but it still is not a match for our superior technology. oh but Russia
    could nuke us no fucking shit, but nuclear wars wont happen due to MAD. in
    a one on one war with Russia without nukes America would win in around 6

  5. Bruce Killer says

    2014 reports
    total tanks: Russia=15,500 USA=8,325
    Total Armed fighting vehicles: Russia=27,600 USA=26,000
    self propelled guns: Russia= 6000 USA=2000
    Rocket projectors: Russia=3781 USA=1,330
    Russia can destroy USA in a ground war!

  6. Valera Petrov says

    Ракетные стрельбы российской армии

    Video: Russia test-launches missiles during planned military drills

  7. Nikola Stoymenovich says

    for all american idiots if you really believe that usa is strongest then
    why you don’t invade russia

  8. jonthfc1010 says

    The USA only entered the first world war after millions upon millions had
    died in the trenches, and only because they wanted a share of the land and
    assets won in the war, America arrived in the 2nd world war three years too
    late, after millions had died across Europe, and all the hard fighting had
    already been done, ONLY because they got attacked at Pearl Harbor, If not
    for that they were prepared to do nothing to help, and would watch the
    Germans take over Europe.
    They love to claim they joined the war effort to help their allies, and
    they really believe the war was won because of them, they even teach their
    children ‘If not for the US we’d of lost the war’, when the truth is so
    The war was won by the Russians holding their front at the cost of tens of
    millions of lives and by Britain holding It’s front & Island leaving the
    Nazi’s at a dead end, the American only arrived to help with the final
    assault we’d put together.

    After the war the Americans went on their war mission against the
    Communists, Invading countries far weaker than them and basically trying to
    cull a race of people, until they bumped into another superpower in the
    Soviet Union, meaning the USA had to behave and could not invade anywhere
    without fear of a Soviet backlash, so the American withdrew and decided it
    would be more wise to stay at home.
    Only when the Soviet Union collapsed did the cowardly American start
    throwing it’s weight about across the world again because they had been
    left as the only superpower, they abused that role, with their wars based
    on lies, invading weaker countries under the pretense of hunting down
    ”terrorists” after it had murdered it’s own people on 9/11 too gain
    support for it’s fake ”war on terror”.
    The United States CIA create and arm these groups like ‘IS’ and ‘Al Qaeda’
    to do their dirty work in removing leaders of countries who do not comply
    with America’s thinking, because once again there is a second superpower
    that won’t allow America into places like Syria, so they create and arm
    these groups and only when these groups decide to turn on the United States
    do they then call them terrorists.
    They also have CIA in Ukraine causing unrest among the people and keeping
    the country destabilised, while telling the ”elected leader” to join UN/
    NATO, as America can then use NATO to get military bases inside Ukraine.
    Putin is well within his rights to put a stop to the USA / NATO getting in
    Ukraine,as it affects Russia’s security, just as the Soviets were made to
    leave Cuba because that affected America’s security. America seem to want
    it both ways.
    Putin against the odds has built up a country that was on it’s knees
    following the collapse of USSR that once again is a world superpower, and
    will if need be use his power to stop the terrorist country of the United
    I just wish the British government would stop backing the Americans up,
    The cowardly United States are the worlds only real terrorists.

  9. Fairouz Latif says

    Plus, Russia has 3 ally countries that has massive manpower advantages

    China, India, North Korea. USA prepare your Anus.

  10. Paul W says

    so this is where Putin was spending all the money he made on the $100 a
    barrel oil, now to beat Russia all the West has to do is just lower the oil
    price below say $50 and Russia won’t afford to buy the fuel for their
    sophisticated rockets. It worked with the Soviet Union should work now,
    besides the natural resources they don’t have much to offer…All Russians
    remember the 90′s and Yeltsin’s time potatoes and vodka you really miss

  11. DrunkYouTube says

    For starters, despite their massive amount of land, Russians have a
    population of 100 million or so. The US has over 300 Million.

    Russia birthrate is very low. The US birthrate is very high.

    Russia doesn’t have many allies. The US has many allies.

    The world has Russia surrounded. With the Americans to the EAST, the
    Europeans to the WEST, Russia would be very stupid to go to war with the

    With a small population and very little allies, the Russians do not have
    the manpower nor the diplomatic power to wage war against a Supreme Country
    like the United States.

    Everyone who assumes that Russia is the “World’s Savior” is delusional and
    as brainwashed as any American they hate.

  12. monsen73 says

    To all little (and large) children commenting below: No one can EVER win a
    nuclear war. EVERYBODY loses. Grow up fast, and get your act together.

    This comment just says it all: “China will help Russia invading / occupying
    the land after nuking the land…”
    Only an immature 10 year old boy can come up with such imbecility.

    Greetings from Norway!

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