1. tapport says

    He knows enough terminology and can answer quick enough to convince me he
    has some military experience but there’s no excuse for his flag not to be
    high on the shoulder so I don’t know what to think.


    Who ever is the guy who posted this insanity ,who cares about ur friends
    dying in the imperial oil wars for the usa,who cares,i dont.

  3. adrenaline says

    The funny and sad thing about this is on Facebook 99% of the comments are
    siding with the veteran but on YouTube all the trolls come out because they
    know they’re anonymous and they can reveal their inner shittyness. 

  4. killerkimimaro says

    how do we know he didnt serve? he knew the answers fairly well and was
    quick about it. It’s clear some of the shit he said was false but maybe he
    was just saying that too look cool? he may have had some laid back boring
    job while serving and he didnt want people calling him out on that. Not
    defending him…just saying dont be so quick to judge

  5. Justin Mangum says

    For everyone defending this guy, saying he could have been in the service..
    Let me just say one simple thing. Military ID. CAC card even. All he had to
    do was pull it out, and the conversation would have been over, possibly
    with an apology.

  6. Geehad says

    Sometimes I wonder why I’m willing to fight/die for some of the people in
    the US. Some of the commenters are Pieces of Shit, yet ask any Infantryman
    and he’d be willing to fight/die for your ass. 

  7. olliefraga says

    Man… I absolutely love these people here living with their parents
    talking about about the economic system and how bad the Country is.
    Vomiting rehearsed words with the authority that they think they are
    entitled to just because were born here. All the military experience was
    “acquired” playing Call of Duty on daddy’s TV. Want to change something? Do
    something about it. Vote, help your community, multiply force… Otherwise,
    shut the fuck up, grab a rifle and go defend what you are taking for
    granted. Only those who wore and wear the Uniform will ever understand the
    feeling of someone stealing what we carry with the ultimate respect. Just
    be grateful someone is on watch instead of you.

    CVN-65 USS Enterprise
    NAVSTA Norfolk
    CVN-69 USS Dwight D. Eisenhower
    NMC Portsmouth

  8. Travis Metzger says

    soldiers of the past were hereos, soldiers today are scumbags who deserve
    to die. another dead marine is one less moron.

  9. DeathtoRaiden1 says

    LOL American military are so fucking full of themselves it’s hilarious. My
    father is also a veteran, a lot of people from where I’m from are, because
    they were conscripted into war. They don’t go around constantly thumping
    their chest and asked to be looked up to, even though a lot of them also
    lost friends and family and they definitely don’t get the respect or
    support they deserve. Even more hilarious is that a lot of these American
    “veterans” just sat on a fucking battleship while it launched some cruise
    missiles, or stayed in Saudi Arabia cleaning humvees, or fired at a fucking
    mountain for 10 minutes before calling in an air strike on some fucking
    goat farmer with an AK. The only bush they know of is the president.

  10. dieselscience says

    I grew up in Germany and my first experience with US citizens was with US
    Army. The only opinion I had is they are polite, professional and they keep
    their word as an honor. This happens sometimes in Germany that someone puts
    on a ‘fake uniform’ of military or police who is not in a film & it is

    (1) Wer unbefugt […] inländische oder ausländische Uniformen,
    Amtskleidungen oder Amtsabzeichen trägt, wird mit Freiheitsstrafe bis zu
    einem Jahr oder mit Geldstrafe bestraft.

    After reading the comments on this page I say FUCK AMERICAN CIVILIANS 

  11. David L says

    I don’t support people pretending to be a veteran or member of the armed
    service. But it’s not against the law to pretend to be a service member.
    The law introduced by GW Bush was thrown out by the Supreme Court. It is
    against the law to try and get awards or services reserved for veterans.
    But people can lie and be poseurs all they want. Don’t support it but that
    guy wasn’t committing a crime. A dousch bag yes, criminal no.

  12. 7863crash says

    Reading through the comments, there seems to be a sentiment of people
    thinking soldiers are high and mighty. I would agree with this. When I
    found myself in Sadr City in 2008, I thought I was the most important thing
    in the world. Then I was sent to a TRADOC unit that humbled me. So, yes, a
    lot of soldiers have an attitude.

    Now, that does not excuse that fat idiot from wearing that uniform. Would
    you think it was okay for him to wear an authentic police officer uniform
    and pretend to be an officer? Let’s say he was claiming he was a
    prestigious doctor. Would that be okay? The fat man is lying to the public.
    That’s not free speech. He is impersonating a public servant. That’s what
    military folks are, public servants. We should never have to question
    whether or not a public servant is legitimate, that’s why there’s laws that
    serve as detriments to impersonating public servants. Why? Because conmen
    can create a lot of havok if left unchecked.

    To the people that are saying the vet has anger problems. You call that
    anger problems? Exposing a conman to the public and alerting those around
    him is anger issues? The vet is doing a public service. Here’s a thought to
    consider. It’s not okay to pretend to be something you’re not. In this
    instance, an ass whooping is justified. That’s just how some people learn
    things are not okay.

    If you don’t like the current benefits program the military offers, do
    something about it. Reinstate the draft and cut all vet programs. Then, of
    course, we could have an egalitarian society where we’re all equal. 

  13. JoanneB says

    US military sticking its nose into everyone´s business…I have no respect
    for these soldiers. Kiliing civilians for some higher good, “protecting”
    US, while US is the biggest threat around…

  14. taylor lee says

    Quoting Dinah Donovan from down below “You can hate the war but love the

    So there is no excuse to not support your troops. You don’t have to, but
    then again, you don’t have to live here.

  15. slapshotshore says

    I play a sport called airsoft. People dress up and shoot guns again each
    other which fire 6 mm bbs made of plastic. Would wearing simple bdus be
    considered stolen valor, or only if you actually claim you did in fact

  16. TheSesime says

    He may be lying, but the guy behind the camera has no right to harass him.
    He was simply just minding his own business in the mall. Yeah he’s not a
    real ranger, but it’s his life. Who knows maybe he has mental issues and
    believes he’s actually one. You never know what people are dealing with.

  17. DJG37S says

    I find people who say oh leave this guy alone just because he was wearing
    fake military gear. Well let me as you this then, if I were to dress up as
    a fake cop, have a fake cop badge, and a fake cop car, is it ok for me to
    go around like I am real cop? Is it ok if I pull you over being a fake cop,
    check your ID? There is a reason why there is a Federal law that states, it
    is illegal to pose as a government entity to receive benefits. This
    includes wearing a fake military gear to get discounts. It’s amazing how
    stupid these people on youtube are.

    Also, if you say its ok for people to pose as fake people, then I guess its
    ok for me to steal your identity and go on a shopping spree in your name. 

  18. Dinah Donovon says

    “Stolen Valor”

    You all know that I hate guns, war, the military… ( I support them so
    much that i hate that they have to go to war..LOVE THE PEOPLE …HATE the
    system that promises young men the world then don’t take care of ALL of
    them once they return. . It is A HUNDRED PERCENT POSSIBLE, I am prove of
    it..) To HATE war and weapons, but respect those young people in uniform
    sent in to do a job, sometimes they can’t even tell you why.

    BUT I LOVE and SUPPORT the troops 1000 percent. You *can* hate the war and
    the death but love the soldiers and want them to come home safely ad with
    the car they need. When I was shown this, I want to be ill…. this man
    filming has filmed lots of these.. men wearing a fake uniform to get a 15%
    off military discount when shopping!!! Watch as a REAL soldier in civilian
    clothes RIPS HIM TO SHREDS!!!!!!

    These people are SHAMEFUL and DISGUSTING!! Clerks, retailers, waitress….
    ASK FOR THEIR MILITARY I.D. DO NOT rely on the uniform!!!! SHAMEFUL!!!!

  19. jason mooney says

    Stolen Valor what a joke any moron can go in the military. it takes a smart
    man to realize he’s being brain washed and get kick out for saying
    something ex us army tanker basic 3 times ait twice army is full l of brain
    washed sheep

  20. King Possum says

    the guy did nothing wrong unless he was taking money for saying he was in
    the service. FACT: freedom of expression and speech is what the guy in the
    uniform was doing. the thing that our true soldiers give their lives for. I
    can put on a military uniform any time I want and say I am in the army and
    no one can charge me with anything. FREEDOM, LIBERTY LOOK IT UP! 

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