1. Daniel Hernandez says

    The guy who recorded this is a fucking asshole and douche… fuck the
    person behind the camera…pussy ass nigga

  2. doesnttapout says

    You sir need to get a fucken life .maybe you out to arrest me or everyone
    for wearing army shirts .get over your self .whats it too you, I have
    friends who have served and you know what fuck head I own some gear that
    they brought back we tight like that. maybe you can sue me for wearing them
    so sue me .douche bag . He was being polite to you , give the guy a break
    everyone has bad days .pull the shit on a wrong guy and get your ass handle
    to .

  3. Guard655 says

    “STOLEN VALOR” STOLEN VALOR” God that sounds pathetic. There’s nothing
    honorable about serving in the military, there’s no valor in it either. God
    what a dumbfuck. 

  4. olbear303 says

    Big dude handled it wrong. I would have just told him I’m doing it for the
    discounts then walked away as Army Boy got his panties in a bunch. 


    Alright First Off The Guy Who Sent The Video Couldn’t Have Been In Easy
    Company 506 Of The 101st Airborne Because The Company Was Gone After WW2
    All It is now is a Training Unit So Kinda Sounds To Me As If He Is Lying To
    and Im Not making This Up So On That Part o Your Research Also Anyone Who
    Fakes Military is a coward Men Die For US so we can be HOME OF THE FREE

  6. Dani El says

    Everybody is brave behind a keyboard. Obviously everyone that’s talking
    shit against the guy that recorded this doesn’t get it.

    The uniform represents something, to guys who went into combat, its not
    even about being in the military anymore. It’s about having that uniform
    while getting shot at and having the blood and guts of your colleagues on

    Be as sarcastic as you want. But I’m pretty damn sure (as it has been
    proven by the lack of a YT video) that nobody here, will have the guts to
    go up to a combat veteran and harass his ass about not being brave or not
    keeping you safe and free.

    Do it, see where that gets you. I assure it won’t be just a typed comment
    behind a computer. 

  7. dratelectasis says

    WHO CARES!?!?! There is NOTHING honorable about being in the military.
    Killing innocent civilians and serving in a bullshit war so people can
    think they’re “fighting for our freedom” is nonsense. Americans are fucking
    retarded and soldiers are all brainwashed. This guy is just embarrassing
    himself for wearing that. The only soldiers who REALLY fought for anything
    were WWII vets. “keeping citizens safe”, well if that’s what these soldiers
    want to believe to make themselves feel better than good for them. And yes,
    I would say that I wrote to any soldier because didn’t they “fight for my
    right” to say that? Pshh

    -An American with sense.

  8. Derals1 says

    You can do whatever the fuck you want to do but dont go out and brag about
    it. Where i live ( Sweden) there is military who is ACTULLY HELPING other
    countries out there. Yeah i know my country is a pussy place. but when they
    get home they dont walk around in their fucking uniforms o.0 Whats the
    point? its just a fucking glory hole. WATCH ME SUCK MY DICK I WAS IN THE
    MILITARY IM A HERO! No you are not, its a good thing but you are litterally
    joining something that u have the rights to not choose to do but still you
    are doing it, and then goes around telling people you served the countrie
    like we should go on our knees and bow. America grow the fuck up and stop
    braging about ur fucking military. And yes if a military vet or whatever
    starts talking about how great he was in the war i would respond in the
    same way ” I DONT GIVE A FUCK, you dont brag about shit you didnt have to
    do” I give you some cred and you accept it.

  9. Kristian Jacques says

    To all of the anti-military people who seem to be commenting on this: Just
    where the hell do you think you would be if not for the United States
    Military? Still living in a British Colony, or perhaps under Nazi
    Dictatorship? Freedom is something that everyone is born with, but that
    freedom is threatened and taken away by millions every day. There is no
    country without a military that exists today. No country could exist
    without men or women to fight FOR that country, if not for what that
    country represents. If you haven’t served, you have no right to defend the
    idiot wearing that uniform in the video. Because that uniform represents
    the people who died so you wouldn’t be living in a Nazi ruled world, or a
    British Colony. That uniform represent the people who thought that our
    nation was enough to give their lives for so that their children, your
    children and the ones to come could live outside of tyranny. If you don’t
    like the U.S. Military, I’m sure North Korea has room for your ungrateful
    and deluded asses.

  10. Chris Hall says

    cameraman is the fuckin asshole. getting all pissed off and acting like an
    out of control buffoon for what? someone who may or may not have been a
    soldier. theres no honor or valor in being a soldier for transnational
    corporations fighting and murdering for power, money, resources and
    geopolitical dominance for the Project for a New American Century passed in
    1997. you work for offshore zionist banks. youre pawns that die for the
    interests of old rich men in suits. and your friends died fighting for
    them. thats the sad cold hard truth.

  11. Leonardo Salles says

    “There is nothing honorable about being in the military” You people think
    that your country would be what it is today without all those husbands,
    fathers and sons who gave their lives for it? If you think that giving your
    life for the good of others isn’t honourable, then tell me, what is? War
    isn’t good, but it’s a reality. You should have more respect for them.

  12. Erich Hoffenmeier says

    Fatso is an idiot. Perhaps a bigger idiot is the vet who is calling him
    out. Military service for the US used to be a reason for pride (until the
    mid/late 90s.) Now it only proves what an idiot you are. Enjoy breathing
    depleted uranium, getting 1000 injections of who knows what, and being a
    policeman and experimental lab rat for the New World Order.

  13. Reverend Hogwash says

    Why not mind your own Fn business? Sure sounds like a punk – should feel
    lucky he didn’t get the ass kicking he deserved! Fake or not who gave
    him the right to judge another person? PUNK!

  14. Wilson Revelle says

    This jerk should be put in a REAL prison uniform. What is really bad is
    there are so many of that dont know the differences and have thanked dips
    like this for their “service” when the only thing they have done is be a
    example of stupidity.

  15. Derek Gibson says

    Stolen valor? That’s it? So you’re telling me if you impersonate someone
    who harasses people trying to get to work on time (cop) You get in deep
    trouble. But if you impersonate someone who actually defends the people
    (military) you don’t get in trouble unless you’re wearing a specific patch
    and trying to gain from it? What a crock. He should be charged as a
    terrorist. If you aren’t in the military and you’re wearing the uniform
    with the U. S. Army patch on it and rank then you should be considered a
    terrorist with intent.

  16. dutchess ruby says

    That wasn’t necessary wtf at least he wasn’t shoplifting from the mall
    maybe he wasn’t as fortunate as other ppl and wanted to get some good deals
    on Christmas presents for his family God! Leave him alone let him be and
    mind ur business damn! Totally not that serious smh he needs to get over
    himself and worry about his own life instead of cruising the mall for fake

  17. Eric Garcia says

    I just want this country to be invaded one day… So all these anti
    military people can come running to troops for protection. The hypocrisy
    would be laughable.

  18. BlackJohnnyCage says

    +LaCheleWallace​You know someone is lying when they try to play it off by
    hoping on the phone & shit LMFAO!!!!!

  19. Animusmaximus says

    People in the army are so up themselves oh big deal you served your country
    more like you served the big businesses in securing that oil you dumb

  20. Liberal Viewer says

    The Cult of the Soldier is a sorry American tradition. Fuck yellow ribbons
    and fuck dumb people who didn’t pay attention in class long enough to
    realize the military is nothing more than a means of prosecuting America’s
    money wars. This isn’t Vietnam. No one was drafted. You CHOSE to go to war
    knowing full well we’ve had only something like 30 years, and not
    consecutive, of “peace” since the founding of this nation. I know that they
    know because the US military no longer takes people who don’t have a high
    school diploma. This means you had to pass an American History 101 class.

    These soldier dip shits get what they ask for. They don’t deserve to be

  21. Tin Man says

    I’m not military. But I hate liberals. They can’t stand reality and
    military veterans have seen and understand the cold hard reality that
    exists outside our country better than just about anyone, and they
    understand better than anyone how good we have it here in the states. This
    good life we have has been paid for and maintained at great cost. Don’t
    squander it.

  22. DB Cooper says

    I love how the progressive asshole veteran haters fill the comment sections
    of these videos up. If the military is so evil and shameful why are
    you pansies all dressing up like us?

    I think you’re all afraid of masculinity. That’s the root of anti military
    sentiment. You have all become a bunch of hypersensitive feminized little
    limp wrists. You tend to feel bullied by anything resembling manliness so
    you rage against it and voice your paranoid fantasies. Then
    to further define your absurd progressive culture you dress up like us and
    walk around in public as a means of getting respect and or recognition.
    Fascinating! You all know full well that none of you could survive even the
    basic training stage of enlistment and of course all decide to instantly
    become SEALs, Rangers, Recon, Snipers, etc…

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