1. kdwise11 says

    I watched it again to make certain of my position. If you are so correct
    and obviously concerned why did you not go with the Staff Sergeant to meet
    his Sergeant Major?? When he answered the phone he didn’t call the other
    guy Staff Sergeant. He answered the phone by addressing himself as Staff
    Sergeant. Like “Staff Sergeant here how may I help you”. Take down this
    fake dumbass post.

  2. J Williams says

    This guy is 110% fake…ANYONE with prior service in the Army or armed
    forces period can attest to this. If you even think a fat piece of shit
    like that could possibly be a United States Army Ranger, you are a fucking
    idiot… or a bad troll…

  3. Jake Springsteen says

    My older brother was in the army, but left a few years ago. He gave me his
    BDUs. Is it stolen valor to wear them when i play airsoft or not? I never
    claim to be a soldier, or walk around pretending that i am, but is it still
    stolen valor if i just wear them when i play airsoft with my friends?

  4. adrenaline says

    Anybody who is siding on this pussy ass fake rangers side is a piece of
    shit scum of the earth. I fucking hate people like you so much it makes me
    shake with anger. Fuck you pussy inbred pieces of shit. You sit here on
    U.S soil and let this fat fuck go around lying that he laid his life on the
    line for our freedom and you sit behind your keyboards and talk shit. Fuck

  5. Josh G says

    The uniformed Army guy realized that some angry guy was just trying to
    start a fight with a stranger in a mall and didn’t bite. Good for him to
    not let somebody pick a fight in front of families and children. Wish all
    military could get control of their anger issues and not act like the guy
    with the camera. The guy in the uniform is a better representative of the
    military and a better person than the cameraman even if he’s faking it for
    a discount.

  6. Tom M says

    Hey Josh get a clue! I wore that uniform too & every question that was
    asked was legit. That phony couldnt answer simple questions that he
    shouldve know. I served in Iraq in 2006 and seeing that disgrace of a human
    being try to wear a UNITED STATES ARMY uniform made me SICK. I had buddies
    die wearing that uniform and that LOSER needed to be called out. You dont
    go shopping to the local mall with your Sgt Major either which was
    obviously another hideous lie. People need to know what they are talking
    about before they run their mouth! GOOD ON YOU RYAN for calling out that
    scum bag! STOLEN VALOR at its finest right there! HOOAH

  7. FurryFerris says

    Yeah.. FUCK that guy!
    I understand brother… I get it… your friends died over there… your
    brothers bled for you and your country… If I where in your shoes, I’d be
    incredibly pissed too! Disrespectful piece of shit! 

  8. T Sage says

    It amazes me the people that post supporting those who commit violations
    against Stolen Valor. Those of you who do probably also complain about
    people that impersonate police officers. I did serve and understand the
    anger. I started by working on The UH-1 Huey. A family member got me a
    patch with curled wings attached to the forward view of a Huey. Those that
    served in the Army know this is an Air Assault badge. I never earned the
    honor of that badge and explained to family why I won’t and shouldn’t wear
    it. If you don’t earn it don’t wear it. 

  9. Carlos Medina says

    So I heard of this video on GMA it got 3M views? But it’s only got 45k
    views? What is up with that? Just wondering…
    Also you did the right thing exposing this fraud. People like you give me
    some faith to humanity.

  10. darkmario66 says

    Im always a masochist on the internet and I just wanna point out how stupid
    that bitch is [probably his wife] for trying to hold this guy back when he
    100% knows that this asshole is trying to be a fake army person just to get
    free stuff. That bitch obviously doesnt know what its like to go through
    everything that Ryan did and shes trying to hold him back like this entire
    situation isnt a big deal and why would she fucking care anyway?? Ugh…
    Especially when Ryan told her not to say anything because he knew that she
    would get over dramatic about the situation and try to butt in and hold him
    back from exposing this fool trying to pretend.

    Second, Im glad he called him out in public because if I was there then I
    wouldve joined him too calling him an asshole for trying to pretend to be a
    war hero. I wish someone couldve beat his ass because hes just a fat
    fucking retard who couldnt even get off his couch for more than 2 seconds
    before eating a bag of cheese puffs.

    Fucking asshole

  11. badjujuwan says

    You need to get over it. Many people impersonate other people each day –
    sometimes with drastic consequences. Why get so bent out of shape about it?

    Clearly, the other guy has issues, but so do you. You’re in a public place
    with your girlfriend’s son getting aggressive with a complete stranger and
    swearing like a lunatic.

    You should have stayed home and had more turkey.

  12. Asalieri2 says

    this is a fucked up thing to do, to impersonate a soldier just for
    attention and get discounts. Disgusting behavior, and Ryan is correct to
    call him out on it. This man should be brought to trial for his crime.

  13. Chthonian121 says

    Poor guy! His idiocy has been revealed!! He sounded like he got his info
    after watching a lot of war movies and playing a shit ton of Call of Duty.

  14. T Rich says

    Sgt Ryan you are the embarrassment to this country. Acting a fool in front
    of your kid over cheap military garb that anybody can purchase just about
    anywhere….what an example!! My dad was drafted… brothers, ex,
    nephews..all males in my family serve, but they do not walk around around
    like they are heroes and the world owes them. You should get PTSD
    counseling before you become a policeman…so you wont slaughter a person
    for jaywalking! Get over yourself already!!

  15. Rob B says

    Granted I haven’t read through all of the comments so I’m sure this is the
    thousandth time this has been brought up but if not just a few things to
    Mr. Berk.

    #1 I thank you for your service to our nation.

    #2 This guy is a scumbag, he deserved the tongue lashing you gave him and
    the jail time he’ll probably get if he’s charged and convicted under the
    revised Stolen Valor Act.

    #3 I understand you’re looking at a career in law enforcement, I am not a
    police officer, but I was a volunteer firefighter for 10 years, I’ve worked
    with cops, I have good friends that are cops, I know how the civil service
    operates and I can assure you that you will need to be prepared to explain
    to the hiring board why you lost your temper with this guy and how you plan
    to avoid doing that in the future should you be hired by the locality. When
    you hit the streets you are constantly going to be baited, tweaked, and
    antagonized in order to draw you into a conflict with a-holes that are
    probably saying and doing things far worse than this guy just so they can
    get a reaction a draw themselves a nice lawsuit against the city or go out
    and show the world that police are jerks. You gotta keep your cool no
    matter how much this stuff pisses you off, as Patrick Swayze said in Road
    House, you gotta have the right temperament for the trade. Hiring boards
    are going to look at this video and it will probably be a be a black mark
    on your application that will result in some hard questions. Make sure you
    have good answers..

    Good luck my friend.

  16. kyle fng says

    Lol. These guys never say “I delivered mail” or “I vacuumed the shit out of
    the latrine” or “I worked in the mess hall”. It’s always “I went on
    missions!” Or ” I was a sniper”. Lol Wtf. Or for the posers whiskey tango

  17. Adolf Hitler says

    Both of them are assholes, the guy is a fake and the other is shouting and
    cursing in a public place full of children, hasn’t he been trained to be
    fucking decent?

  18. furseisekilulz says

    It gets worse. I saw a confession vid from the faker (i’m looking wildly
    for it right now) and dude is just fucking gone. Thinkin he Dr. Evil n’
    shit. Don’t watch it unless you want to get angry.

    It might be a good idea for places to start checking for military ID before
    giving military benefits.

  19. Rasul Avtorhanov says

    When you have seen some shit in your days… I guess you forget decency..
    well that if you HAVE been through som shit..

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