1. Sean Flemmish says

    The dick head filming this is probably a woman beater… too bad he came
    back from over seas… loud mouth pseudo patriotic cunt

  2. Vince Sun says

    I personally don’t give a fuck what anyone wears ! I wouldn’t care if you
    were dressed like a General, who cares ! 

  3. _Elucidator says

    people saying the guy who filmed this is a dick, you’re completely wrong.
    you’ve heard the man he’s had friends die and to have some phony walk
    around in a uniform thinking he’s all big and tough probably pisses him

  4. David Stratigos says

    All of you fuks saying hes a dick and hes wrong need to imagine if you were
    in the military and saw this. I am an 11b and personally woulda beat this
    dudes teeth down his throat.

  5. Blake Yeargin says

    This guy is pissed because he fought and worked hard to earn his title and
    watched friends die in the process only for someone who did none of that to
    throw on uniform and say he did the same. He has every right to be pissed
    because everything he sacrificed just to see someone pretend they did the
    same for personal gain. 

  6. juan cantu says

    What a white piece of shit fat ass turd motherphucking PX Fake ass ranger.
    It takes balls to join the infantry in any military branch and than some to
    join the Rangers! I never had the honor to become a ranger but did have it
    in me to finish 11Bang Bang BCT. Fuck this imposter and good job sergeant
    for calling this piece of shit for what he is!! 

  7. Rodger Jones says

    This f****** piece of s*** who has more chins then a Chinese phonebook no
    offense to Chinese is a mother f****** piece of s*** I served honorably and
    for this mother f***** to go around and claim all this bullshit I would put
    a bullet in your f****** head you are a disgrace to this country f*** you
    f*** you and f*** anybody who looks like you scumbag

  8. Bobby Miller says

    Talk about stealing valor, never has been and never will be a more
    dedicated valor stealer that smoke ‘em if you got ‘em John Wayne. The good
    news is this chain smoking, womanizing, big pile of Hollywood manure is no
    longer playing American Hero #1. Is this guy’s name Ryan Berk or is it
    Bark? If a guy is willing to dress up like one of these Abu Ghraib and
    Guantanamo types, he is entitled to a free lunch. I don’t know you Yetman,
    but look at it like this: some people would have nothing if they didn’t
    have this Jesus. Hell, he’s a no-show 100% of the time for those killed,
    but saves all those who weren’t. That’s a good job if you can get it. A lot
    of these vets need to feel important, you know like they keep America safe
    as if 9/11 never happened, like after almost three decades in Afghanistan
    there’s less opium and no Taliban. It hurts to know you were sent to die
    for the US Chambers of Commerce, so they pretend to believe the bullshit.
    No way could you bash these Stolen Valor Police more than I have, but I
    don’t take it into the streets. They can click off my page, tell me to go
    hell, but that’s as far as they go and that’s good for both of us. Oh, I
    get the hate mail, but I deserve it. They weren’t bothering me. I started
    it. Do I dare say, like you did. I’ll bet money you’re a caring guy, so say
    online what you like, but don’t take it into the street because sooner or
    later you’ll run into a guy who’ll take you out. It doesn’t have to happen.
    At least you show your face. That takes more courage than most of your
    critics have. Take care, Bob Miller

  9. El_Gran_Pitotote says

    To the people saying the interviewer is a dick; his brothers died wearing
    that uniform. Let that sink in for a bit. 

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