1. Jake Smith says

    Lol federal crime? This extreme nationalism and patriotism that Americans
    have is sickening. This includes the worship of veterans and the flag, it
    needs to end.

  2. jlb197736 says

    I thought this was a joke. CSM hahaha, number 1 CSM don’t wear the beret
    flash in the middle of their forehead. if he was a real CSM, those soldiers
    in civilian clothes would’ve got their asses chewed out. “What’s the Army
    Reg for military uniforms?” “I will always….” that was funny. Thanks for
    calling this fucker out.

  3. 8bitcritr says

    claiming that he’s an honored high ranking soldier while running away from
    someone who calls him a fake. lol

  4. Harbinger2014 says

    What’s the big deal with faking the “special forces” thing? Chicks? Why
    don’t you get into really good physical shape, make some money, live a
    moral life and be nice to women. It always gets the cutest girls. I still
    have mine 16 years later.

  5. Russell Scott says

    No way this stumbling stuttering wimpy pitiful unsure young guy is a
    Sergeant Major.

    The guys who confronted him were way too nice. They should’ve been much
    more belligerent to this obvious fake. 

  6. Lee Wickham says

    I’m so tired of all the disrespect people have for our military. Fuck you
    people seriously. You get your ass out there and do the shit they do
    please, get out of your greedy self-centered ass and make a name for
    yourself like all the fine people that work and fight in our military,
    which is by far the most respectable thing about our country. So screw you
    people! God. So much disrespect.

  7. maconsumner says

    I am retired Navy so I could probably tell you a lot about the Navy uniform
    but not too much about the Army, but, their are some things common to both
    and one of those would be the astonishingly obvious bullshit way he has his
    metals affixed to the uniform. In the Navy, metals must be mounted on bars
    when you are displaying as many as he is and you don’t wear accompanying
    ribbons with them. 

  8. Cypeq says

    It’s funny because it’s so obvious… this guys are so pathetic and busted
    is all over their face.
    Marine officer… wouldn’t fuckin’ let them pester him like that.

  9. Barrie Featherstone says

    Looks like a pimp in a poorly fitted halloween costume, how stupid can you
    be, well this stupid I guess.

  10. leo ll says

    This should get you an automatic ass kicking for impersonating military.
    Bronze star? Not many if those were handed out and if he got one he would
    have been in the news…

  11. marcus1642ad says

    his father happens to be major jackson, and the officer who presented him
    with another award happened to be major general jackson lol oh wait…….
    hes an MP, ranger, special forces and a sgt major aswell haha what a faggit

  12. rockhaze says

    This is what jarheads do once they are out of service, they walk around
    inspecting other people’s shit instead of appyling for a damn job, then you
    see them begging you for a dollar on the streets and act as if no one wants
    to hire veterans, shut the fuck up you lazy ass maggots.

  13. Mehdi Tergou says

    You’re a veteran? cool story, get over yourself lol, doesn’t take much to
    go through boot camp and get deployed to fight Taliban who whooped our

  14. jordanaug81 says

    Agree with wars & American foreign policy or not, it doesn’t matter.
    People earn their uniform every day and follow orders, whether you agree
    with those orders or not these people sacrifice their own personal freedoms
    & their families to earn the right to be called Airman, Sailor, Soldier or
    Marine. If you don’t respect that, that’s up to you. If you desecrate it
    by wearing the uniform and presenting yourself as being part of the
    fraternity and never have been, you need to get your ass kicked at the very

  15. LLuE88 says

    unbelievable how much is wrong with this assembly of Army uniform
    parts, probably 95%++ of Army Privates would also pick this guy out,
    they might not call him out depending on their confidence level, but they
    would know something is WRONG. 

  16. bsbllplyer says

    I don’t get why people are hating on these guys for getting pissed off
    about fakes like this. It’s a privilege to wear that uniform that you earn
    by going through bootcamp, going to war, being deployed, etc. I’d be pissed
    off too

  17. Kel Fail says

    clearly he has mental problems , the way he talks even how he holds his
    mouth, its weird, clearly he’s off

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