1. Galactic I Ishraq says

    i don’t like this at all, ill tell you why…the Football players looks
    like they aren’t taking this seriously.

  2. AKJEM2000 says

    I really don’t want to put any other branches down, because I have respect
    and honor for all. But…. They should have gotten Di’s FRO THE MARINE
    CORPS!!!! OORAH!!!!!!

  3. Brett Dowe says

    These football players better be lucky they got Airforce DI’s. These guys
    were treating them like babies compared to how the Marine Corps DI’s
    treated us. 

  4. VicSaiyan says

    Lets lay this to rest, I’m AF and yes, the MTI’s are going soft on the
    football players because their goal was to simply motivate them, have them
    act more as team in terms of being in sync. How it is in San Antonio,
    Lackland AFB without cameras everywhere is a different story. No, Air Force
    basic training is not too difficult compared to other branches but its
    according to our jobs, no shit you focus more on physical fitness if your
    job/branch demands it which is also why certain jobs in the Air Force is on
    par or above standard bootcamp limits for other branches. Having some
    civilian who sees every branch in action through youtube has no sense of
    what its really like in any branch. All they’ll get from it is who is the
    loudest and scariest in their perception and dickrides it. People actually
    in the military will poke fun at each other but not mean it unless they are
    complete boots fresh out of bootcamp when the egos are high, its just
    natural until they humble up over time. I go to the gym and do my thing
    while I see Marines do shitty bicep curls and then do some pullups then
    retreat to the 2nd floor and run on the track for forever and consider it a
    workout and wonder why they been looking the same ever since they were
    civilians. Should I start talking shit to them because of that? Not at all.
    But when an ignorant civilian fuck is putting my branch down and for
    everything I’ve done in my career thus far, that’s when it gets annoying.
    There are Marines and Soldiers who work desk jobs but are praised because
    they’re just Marines and Soldiers. Meanwhile my wingmen are dripping with
    sweat getting sorties out to kill some haji fucks and running for the
    bunker when they get attacked by mortar fire and yet they’re called chair
    force pussies? Fuck you, good sir. Complain about your 9-5 job and how hot
    it is today on facebook some more. 

  5. Shaun Giovanii says

    Should be no heart, call hawaii university hawaii no heart or hawaii lazy
    fat slobs. Warriors I have a question they have never been in a war never
    had any legnd men, I played rugby w them it was embarrassing for 80 min it
    was old man walking rugby. How can u be called warriors when never had any
    history of warrior men. Mad white men took them over and gave them
    Christmas presents race spoiled brats. Only group of men world when got
    taken over never fought back bunch fuckin lazy cowards. 

  6. Kevin Washington says

    I’m in the air force and i played college football at a D1 school. Pt is a
    joke compared to the stuff we did in football. I agree physically the air
    force is terrible, but we’re the smartest so whatever.

  7. WCdragoninja says

    I don’t care if they’re not actively in the military. The sort of
    discipline and drive you can learn from military training instructors is
    way more than anything a University could teach them.

    These kids don’t seem like they want it enough.

  8. Ethan Jones says

    Coming from someone in the Army, this is really sad. I can understand that
    they won’t take it seriously since they don’t have a legal obligation but
    the fact that they’re this undisciplined is ridiculous. And half of them
    can’t even do a push up the correct way and when they do, they can only
    manage to do like ten! They’re 10x bigger than I am. I’m 175 pounds and can
    stay in the front leaning rest longer than half of these guys who obviously
    lift more than I do. Well, then again, I went to Fort Benning and had smoke
    sessions that lasted four hours but still. Haha

  9. Dillon Mittan says

    These football players are sooo lucky the drill instructors weren’t allowed
    to treat them like soldiers. 

  10. AnGrYGrEeKGuY says

    i don’t understand, why don’t ALL usa males go to the army? at least for a
    year or 9 months.should do them some good.

  11. Sabb Dios says

    I hate how branches hate on eachother! Were all on the same team. My dad is
    a Ranger and I respect that and I respect anyone else in any branch. So
    does my dad.

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