1. Gilang Akbar Darryl Siregar says

    please answer me, can I get a bigger muscle with TRX? I mean, if you’re at
    the gym, one way to get bigger muscle is to increase weight every 1-2
    months. what if I use TRX? how can I get any bigger muscle since it’s does
    not involve any weight besides my own body weight? because at the gym, when
    I have reach my maximum with one weight, I can move along to the heavier
    weight to challenge my muscle to get bigger. thanks

  2. xyklus says

    @DarrylBlast666 If you are a beginner you gonna start with easier exercises
    and then you gonna increase the level of difficulty which is going to
    challenge your muscles more and more. There are some crazy videos showing
    what you can achieve with it and there are also vids showing how to build
    your own trx in a few minutes without spending such a cracy amount of
    money.But if you are really concerned because you are afraid of loosing
    muscle mass, you can just use a heavy weight vest.

  3. Srijana Dahal says

    If you are looking to lose fat fast, you should google “Windy Fat Loss”.
    They can help you get the body you deserve.

  4. Tom Smaga says

    I have to be honest, a good bit of kit for sure but, the price for
    this…?!? Extortionate. They’re basically straps & as good as they are,
    that is still all they are. A lot of the target audience is the Military
    but in the UK, we don’t get paid an awful lot. I just bought a cheaper set
    from a company in Poland off eBay. Just as good & cost about a 3rd of what
    this company charges. Look around first. I make no apologies…companies &
    businesses are greedy.

  5. refinedchaotic says

    Why are these northern middle eastern Asians pushing weight loss sites?
    When was the last time ANYONE saw an Asian Indian, who WASN’T native to the
    states, that was OVER-weight?? This particular type of spam is simply

  6. Khalid Qureshi says

    I was doing TRX in a gym with a personal trainer. I did TRX with him twice
    a week and weights and cardio for 3 days and 2 days rest. Once I did TRX
    and next day weights, on the 3rd day I was completely dead and had to take
    rest. I don’t know how it will work with you. You can hire a PT for one
    session/hour at a gym with TRX and discuss with him how you should go. It
    also depends on your goals. Whether you want strength, muscles and so on.
    Hope you find something good. Good luck!!

  7. Prabhu Dewa says

    Crazy clip. Excellent movie. My dad was formerly a flabby. He improved
    himself from 279 lbs of pure fat into 206lbs of real muscle. Shit’s
    extreme! I just signed up myself as I wanna strengthen. He made use of the
    Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

  8. zlajanovacic says

    Tom…get a pair of gymnastic rings for $60 and you’ll be fine. You may like
    them even more. You can do everything just as good.

  9. JHUMAD BHRO says

    5:03 You sir I saw in National Geographic Buds 234 and In the Opening /
    Intro clips taken from Buds 234 in the movie Lone Survivor. Respect.

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