1. OminousPinapple says

    I’m slightly humoured by the way the chick is slowly getting pushed out of
    frame every time she shoots, I guess the small frame can have its
    challenges haha!

  2. Tzahal Tavor says

    when you first get a new Tavor the trigger will be a bit heavy, but after
    approx. 450 rounds it shall improve 100%. Of course I lean towards the
    Tavor having used it in direct combat but the AUG is a fine weapon as well.
    Tavor has a better stock barrel and more metal parts inside. To change the
    Tavor barrel you must break down the weapon. With the AUG you hold the
    forward grip and with you thumb you push too the side a small lever and
    this allow the barrel to unlock and with a twist be removed, very
    nice. AUG’s trigger feels a bit better out of the box but this is due to
    the liberal use of internal plastic parts to reduce linkage friction. After
    market trigger system’s are now available for Tavor if you seek this. Over
    all the Tavor is more advanced with much better weight distribution. To
    adjust the gas on the AUG there is a small knob you turn just under the
    barrel near the end, Tavor has no real gas adjustment system. Can’t go
    wrong with one or the other, its YOUR choice.

  3. camp168 says

    The trigger on the old AUG’s were HORRIBLE…much like an old water pistol.
    I hear the Tavor has a better trigger…can anyone confirm?

  4. CptBongbreaker says

    Of course had to put Corey in there doin a mag dump acting like a pro. Sure
    u can shoot fast buddy. But u Never show your targets! It’s all looks for u

  5. John Mauck says

    I must be part Austrian, because I’ve literally always called this gun the

  6. Treblaine says

    Could you actually try shooting the Tavor one handed? How fast and accurate
    can you be? There are too many situations where you could not use your
    off-hand such as when holding someone or something up, holding on, arm is
    caught or injured, or an object blocks your left arm coming over.

  7. AndroidGamingStation says

    Austrian Design from 1977. I love it. in Austria (the developing country of
    this thing) we say STG77 for Sturmgewehr 77. great weapon, fun to shoot. we
    have it in our military but the a1 version. and you can change the barrel
    fucking fast. this is awesome guys, if you want a good rifle for
    everything, buy this. 

  8. blackmancer says

    the guy doesn’t know how to cock the AUG properly, jamming your fingers in
    that way will ofcourse be difficult, you gotta use your pinky

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