1. Funker Tactical - Gun & Gear Videos says

    Help me out! My wife won’t let me buy one! I need a good solid excuse,
    logic or reasoning to convince her otherwise. Thanks guys. -GN

  2. paintballisawsome says

    WOW. Such a great idea, i have always thought about having gun cabinets in
    couches and such, but THIS is a much better idea.

  3. gwacha3vampire says

    Lol its an awsome product but my only concern is it needs to have a unique
    locking system… any one who knows about your product or when u become
    popular could get into it. May be a remote like a car key unique code. Or a
    that locking system that requires a 1 digit combination lock? Alittle
    scroll wheel perhaps. May be im missing the point as im from england and
    the only guns we have are on our arms. Lol

  4. Ricky .Samsquanch says

    on there website there, looks like they ship to canada boys, says we have
    to call them after we order to do some kind of maple syrup / moose test or

  5. gmako74 says

    It would be better if they put a finger print scanner or palm scanner, of
    course that would make it more expensive but realistically hassling with
    two little magnets, possibly losing or them is a big possibility. I love
    the concept though! God Bless! Even it offends you.

  6. futhermucker1 says

    >>>Soooo, anyone with a magnet can open these?…. Shit, even a Stack-On is
    more secure than this. Anyone who knows what to look for can unlock anyone
    of these. Just break in, remove a magnet that’s holding up the cute picture
    your kid made on the fridge, walk over, unlock, and take your shit. All
    your left with is a looking at yourself in the reflection of one expensive
    mirror. Thanks but no thanks.<<<

  7. blackwings03 says

    I know they need to advertise to sell products, but I wish they wouldn’t
    show how the units unlock on video. How long till thieves start carrying a
    magnet in their pocket and start checking peoples wall mirrors? That being
    said I like the shelf units best from the looks of them. Interesting
    product and interesting idea.

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