1. Nick Miloslavich says

    I accidentally locked my watch. There is a lock symbol in the upper right
    area. Can anyone help me unlock?

  2. Stargeeeza says

    I have this watch and I have to say its good but not that good. I would
    never trust it for navigation as it eats battery and a good old silva
    compass will never let you down. I only use the altimeter and barometric
    functions on this watch. You will always have to adjust the altimeter to a
    know height as fit can change due to different atmospheric pressures.


  3. zoole says

    I have one since approx 2 years, i won’t buy it again now that i know what
    it is : Chineese bullshits! I change battery every 2/3 months,altimeter is
    not precise at all, and i had to change the wrist too often! Don’t buy it
    you would loose money on that one! Disgusted by this watch!

  4. Stu C says

    Can you set the timer to start at times below 1 minutes (ie – 30 seconds)?
    I have had that issue with other watches.

  5. either 844 says

    Hi Lucasfinley, thanx for the review. At 2:51 you say you guess “2 tritium
    dots”. Can you please let me know where the info is from? Why do you think
    it’s tritium? Many thanx

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