1. steven lopez says

    Just to clarify: I over heard her telling other people that she was in the
    army and she was deploying. I wouldn’t have cared if she didn’t claim to be
    in the army. But the fact that she was posing as a soldier and doing it 5
    miles from an army post pissed me off. If you think this is wrong or it’s
    upsetting you, you can fall on a fat dick. Thanks to all the vets who
    support this. 

  2. Trenton Kauff says

    I hate people some times why play dress up lol if u went to wair it join
    military or a ROTC im in rotc i have my blues and my abu,s im permited to
    wair mine

  3. Dee Ray says

    Well she’s black, so…u know…cut her some slack. They all think they
    sold-yuhs. I know for a fact from rap music. Go check it out.

  4. Beaver Nation says

    1 Age
    2 They way she presented herself
    3 Name tapes
    4 Sons uniform(If my mom wore my camies I’d flip)
    5 Black Boots(WTF haha)
    6 Hair
    7 The color
    8 Bad boot blousing.
    Found that all out with in 1Min. And 23 seconds. 

  5. Yun-Ri Su says

    Wearing the uniform isn’t illegal, however, it becomes illegal when they do
    it for personal or financial gain.

  6. Jacouperae Mosely says

    Crazy how racist people are coming out the works…. Most of the stolen
    valor videos have white people doing it. Nevertheless the Armed forces is
    about unity. Sissy youtubers…

  7. Croc Gator says

    For all the faggots sayiong ..” Who cares” or “Mind your own buisness..”
    and “Shes just an old lady..” Stfu if some old lady was pretending to be
    doctor and walking on your surgery and didnt know what she was doing or
    prescribed you medicine that would kill you, it matters now right? But its
    a doctors uniform its not the same thing? Yeah it is , its the principle if
    you are not what you wear dont wear and claim to be it..Plain and simple

  8. manny deleon says

    when they say civilian they act like they are soon much more superior. yeah
    you fight for our country and i respect that, but don’t dumb us down, we do
    things for our country as well. 

  9. Abida Babida says

    I think it’s a disgrace that people have started wearing military uniforms
    just to get a discount. This is something new that low lifes are doing now.
    Total social and moral decay. It’s as diabolical as scamming the disabled
    and elderly. If u think there’s nothing wrong with it then think of this.
    How did u feel on 9-11-01 when u watched those buildings collapse? U
    remember feeling anger, rage, fear, and the need to go kill whoever did it
    right? Well the reason we give soldiers a discount is because they DID go
    kill the enemy, and risk being killed. They answered our call…….not
    these scammers though…they want the same honor and respect that soldiers
    get without the risk. They are criminals and deserve to be dropped in the
    middle of Iraq with a canteen, an m16 and a day’s worth of MREs. Fight for
    that discount

  10. rarelibra says

    why didn’t you call the police and push for US Code Title 10? I would pull
    out my own CAC card and have her remove the patches, at a minimum.

  11. FuckAUserName718 says

    What she is doing is wrong. But do you know what: FUCK THE US ARMY!!! FUCK

  12. steven lopez says

    For everyone asking if I’m a vet or if I’m an infantrymen or why I did what
    I did. 1) i am a combat veteran (OEF) with a CIB 2) i was an 11C
    infantrymen 3) i did what I did because the unit I was with holds a high
    standard for appearance and upholding the army tradition. So seeing a woman
    with a strange uniform caught my eye. I could have been a lot meaner to her
    but I approached her nicely so things wouldn’t escalate. Again, thank you
    to everyone who supports this and the non supporters are the ignorant
    civilians who didn’t have the courage to enlist can go cry to another

  13. DarkBungleX says

    I have been watching these videos and while I agree it’s a low act
    pretending to be military when you ain’t this makes me wanna try. I wanna
    see if I can get my AR 607-1 regs right and fool a real solider that I am
    real. Seems like some fun. Lol but I know people take it personally and
    seriously so I wouldn’t. Maybe it would be more fun to pretend I am plain
    cloths military and question other people. Even though I won’t know all the
    right answers I could ask the questions and just hum n har n shake my head
    at what ever responses they give and I think I could tell who is real and
    who is not just by their body language etc.

  14. milldabeast519 says

    make it illegal for ppl that in the army to wear fatigues in public. simple
    fix! cops / firefighters dont wear there uniforms off duty. that would be
    a joke just like this!

  15. Jose Eguizabal says

    The funny shit about most of these assclowns that come talking all that
    bullshit about being slaves and dogs to the govt., don’t have much of a
    brain to figure out that they are slaves to society and the corporations.
    Dumb fuckers! They are slaves to the govt. too. Why? Because everyone who
    fucking works pays these awesome things called taxes. If they don’t work,
    they get money from welfare. How can you be a non conformist, yet pay the
    evil govt. taxes? How stupid are these people?

  16. Google Plus .Sucks says

    How do they get hold of the uniform? Is it something you can just purchase
    in the US?I have seen so many fake soldier videos,just wondering…

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