1. Poppa Bear says

    Hey Rex,
    Of all the people on Youtube, you’re in my top 5! Awesome videos you put
    out man!
    You never put the SWFA Super Sniper, 5-20-50mm scopes on your list. The
    only one you listed was the fixed power 10x, which you rated very high for
    the cost. But if you haven’t looked at the newer ones, you might want to
    peek at them.
    I think you’d be very surprised at them.
    that’s the scope I bought after doing a ton of research last year. 

  2. Kevin Macedo says

    Hey Rex, I was wondering if you would do a review on the Canadian made
    Tangent Theta series lineup. Let me know what you think. I am truly
    expecting some great things to come out of them. So happy and proud that a
    Canadian manufacturer has come into their own.

  3. Samiam says

    Rex, I already have the Steiner 3-12×56 on my .308 and like it so much I
    recently found a deal and bought the Steiner 4-16×50 for my 6.5 Creedmoor.
    What is the difference between a 4x scope and a 5x scope like the very
    similar new Burris XTR 2′s?

  4. Dubtak says

    @tiberasaurusrex has a deal on Steiner Extreme Scopes –
    clearance half off. Steiner 5001, 5002, 5003 – 2.5-10, 3 – 12x, and 4 -16x.
    Any thoughts? Sales end soon! I respect your opinion; however, these are
    the extreme model with the S1 reticle and not the tactical one.

  5. Dubtak says

    @tiberasaurusrex Never mind, once I found the specs; I realized this was
    not first focal plane reticle and MOA adjustments. I was thinking of
    replacing my cheap Burris 4-16x I have on my HK G3.

    Thanks Anyway!

  6. Craig Cardelucci says

    8/6/14 HEADS UP! Just got a Steiner #5356 (this scope) for $1066.00. Call
    Derek at Euro Optics. (570) 368-3920 Price included shipping and
    fondling…………. I mean handling. Hope this helps someone. 

  7. Charles Godewyn says

    Rex, did you purchase the #5356? If not, do you happen to know the model
    number of the one you reviewed (my apologies if I missed mention of it in
    the video)?

  8. Veritas Aequitas says

    Have you had a chance to use the Steiner Military 5×25-56. If so are you
    planning a review on YouTube? I have read a few written reviews on the
    hide. You seem to know your stuff when it comes to optics and if you had an
    opinion i would appreciate any information you could provide.

  9. Craig Cardelucci says

    Any recommendations as far as rings go? Going to use TPS steels, have a
    20moa Badger Ordinance base. Not sure if I can get away with mediums,
    hoping I can. I know I’m going to have to change scope/ bore centerline for
    ballistics calculations.

  10. s acker says

    How does this scope compare to the IOR Valdada 2.5-10×42, is it comparable
    glass etc, or is it a big difference? Considering these two options.

  11. Hawaii Volcano Squad says

    REILENS out of Jakarta has these on sale for $1058 ! STEAL of a DEAL alert!
    I think I am just gonna buy one and figure out what rifle and mounts i
    should get for it later.
    I mean it’s a $2500 optic for $1000 just because the model was
    discontinued. Steal this but let me get one first!

  12. CplSki USMC says

    A lot of people love to expound on YouTube and most are full of hot air…
    pure entertainment. You, on the other hand, are supremely knowledgeable and
    the care you take in your recommendations and teachings is obvious. I
    continue to view your videos as I have in the past, with a learning mind
    and trust in what you say because I can see that you are a talented and
    trustworthy human being. Keep ‘em coming and God Bless you brother.

  13. Nate Ohman says

    Bought one of these based on your review. Thanks for making up my mind! Now
    if you’d just get to mounting options. ;) 

  14. vnohelix says

    Update: Damned thing broke after 200 rounds of 223. Has been back at
    Steiner for repair for 5 weeks now. Below average customer service, no
    communication and no solution offered till date.

    Eurooptic is selling these now for $1100. I did not need a scope, have an
    S&B on my AIAT. lol, I bought one anyway, could not pass the deal. Kind of
    pisses me off considering I paid almost 4K for my S&B and I have to say,
    there is not much difference. Build quality is equal, glass is equal,
    design of turrets is better on the Steiner. S&B has a better reticle and is
    25 power however. Either way, now I have to find another rifle for this
    scope. Glad I bought it.

  15. Auston white says

    I’m trying to get a Remington model 700 and I don’t know if to get the SPS
    308 tactical or the varmint can anyone give me any suggestions

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