1. BereghostGames says

    Sorry for the delayed uploads on this series, I got caught up in recording
    ipad games.

  2. Karen Earls says

    yay i im 4 and bereghost can you be my friend on roblox my username on
    roblox is 1roblox237

  3. Salma Portillo says

    12th comment Keep up the good work and comedy! Wuv u Bere Snappple Pixie-
    #Blockhead And Of course Valadin!

  4. Bloxxy Games says

    Hi! I’m a roblox/minecraft youtuber.

    I recently hit 50 subscribers and i can’t thank everyone enough! My next
    goal is 100, can yo help me reach it?? Thankyou so much for reading this,
    and i hope you enjoy my channel!!

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