1. Mikko Maniac says

    Don’t forget to answer what Christopher Wallace would order from
    Fantastic’s Cafe or any other restaurant! And don’t forget to check out +
    JUSTKSY! Thanks.!

  2. evelyn avina says

    Wow, all that food look so yummy making me hungry!! Spending Quality Time
    with Family is The Realest! Cool Video Man! 

  3. y jayy says

    I don’t know what he would order lol but I know i would get everything you
    ordered here if I could, you were eating good! all the food looked bomb. By
    the way the part about your dad and the neck was too funny lol 

  4. EnjoyYourSimpleLife says

    Daang that place Fantastic’s gives a LOT of food huh? So funny your dad,
    how he was saying your neck would get bigger if you don’t diet! LMFAO!
    Gotta LOVE our filipino parents huh? They have no filter! LOL But your car
    interior looks cool, what kind of car is that? Love the black and red! Oh
    yeah and CONGRATS on your engagement, how exciting!!! I wish you both the
    best of luck! Have a great week! XO’s from Hawaii again! PS Damn that
    airplane! Hahahahaha! 

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