1. DeltaAirsoftMI says

    Hey man the team here loves your vids! We do have a question thug… What
    kind of camera do you use when you shoot at Tac City?

  2. thatguyx says

    I used to run Exoshields, don’t get me wrong; they’re great… just wish
    they had asian-fit. I’ve switched over to Smith Optics Boogie Regulators
    (asian fit)… “look ma, no gaps,” just as good if not better than
    Exoshields. I still use the Revision anti-fog wipes tho :)

  3. adizzzleV3 says

    I dont know if anyone else has had this problem but, my friend got
    Exoshield’s, used them once, and the foam seal around the goggles slid
    right off.

  4. MilsimJunkie1 says

    スミスオプティクスは、私が聞いたところでは素晴らしいです。私は彼らとの経験を持っていない =)

  5. Big Mike says

    hey Milsim i need some, help my friend is selling me a m4 airsoft rifle by
    jia li sheng should i buy it or just leaveit alone thanks. p.s your videos
    are awesome!

  6. LI BBwarz says

    i would stray away from them, only because i haven’t heard a lot about jls,
    and if i hear anything, its not great.

  7. Anubis Solvang says

    Okay…. First off, a powder? Is it harmful if it gets in your eye? I’m
    sure the force of a bb flying at 300+ fps hitting the lense could send some
    of it into your eye even if its an extremely small ammount of powder. The
    foam does fall off on these types of goggles so unless they make a rubber
    seal with a good adhesive, I’m not sold on this.

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