1. Cookie Dunne says

    How much I have been longing for this is unreal, badly want to ore order
    now but think I will need for the remapping to be available in march. Also
    great video bud, really well explained. 

  2. Darren McGregor says

    They do look awesome but I could never justify the price as I see nothing
    wrong with the standard Xbox One pad.

  3. Todd Lewis says

    FYI all xbox one controllers are wireless until you plug them in; at that
    point they charge and transfer their data through the cable and become

  4. PearsonGaming says

    Awesome video :) The ScufOne is a wireless controller but they will be
    offering a cable to make it wired according to their support team.

  5. Kendall MIDNIGHTFALLS45 Perkins says

    I have ordered mine and thank for the discount code can’t wait to get it
    and get and try it out. 

  6. iNF4mOuSxMiKE says

    I’ve never owned a Scuf controller but I’m def. Going to get one once they
    have the electro magnetic remapping and military grade grip available.
    Those are the 2 main things I want it for … Halo and now after playing
    the Beta Titanfall are my 2 FPS games of choice and obv being able to jump
    and shoot in mid air is important in Halo but the paddles will be an insane
    edge over the competition in Titanfall with all the wall running and
    getting kills while double jumping from roof top to roof top.

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