1. roxxassss says

    I was also wondering about sammydress reviews also ;-; but it’s good to
    know your order came out nicely! The jacket looks awesome and you gave me
    aomine kuroko no basket from vibes with your hair and makeup :D D

  2. Bubbl3gumPop says

    awesome review! how did you start off this type of fashion? its so hard to
    look up tips of how to start off xc

  3. Ney Berri says

    this outfit looks really great with your dansou look.
    also i was wondering,if you dont mind me asking, what kind of bandage or
    sports bra do you use to make your chest super flat?

  4. LittleRubberSquare says

    If a final fantasy movie with real people is ever made, you should audition :D You are amazingly beautiful 

  5. sugoi14 says

    That jacket looks great on you! Also 7ve heard mixed reviews on this websit
    which is why I have yet to buy from them. Maybe one of these days I’ll give
    it a try! Thanks!

  6. Nekro Olea says

    Hot! you look handsome, rockin’ that anime pretty boy look! I just stumbled
    upon your channel. Love it! that you for sharing! ♥ Happy Valentines Day
    (thought it’s tomorrow) Yay!

  7. Ray Mai says

    I wear small small size for my shirts when I but clothes in USA I’m around
    6’2 in height. I was wondering what size should I get for my shirts if I
    buy from this website I like fitted clothes 

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