1. oyarrito says

    Awesome is right! WOW! I’ve been looking getting some of their products for
    a while. This mey be an offer to good to pass up. Thanks Doc!

  2. joshlone1982 says

    Man if I had the money I would love to pickup a pair of the new
    “HELLFLY’s”…..I already have the SAWFLY….love the glasses…so
    clear!!!! Thanks for the heads up Doc!!!

  3. beast12101 says

    fantastic, its great to see companies providing for the “users” and not
    just mass marketing. I will definitely check the out, those sawfly’s seem
    like just the ticket

  4. FourLetterName says

    Well I was planning on buying the sawfly and vipertail in a few weeks but I
    might have to move it up to this week.

  5. machinegun911 says

    My dad had a pair of Hellfly by revision, just as much protection but they
    look like regular sunglasses. he gave em to a guy at his office headed to

  6. Blaque Patriot says

    Excellent eyewear. I wish I would have seen this discount video earlier,
    Just ordered another pair. thanks Doc

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