1. beast12101 says

    they look great, i tried finding out if any were certified for NFPA, but
    they never got back to me, so I went with ESS.

  2. CampfireTalk says

    Very cool my friend! One item that I ALWAYS EDC is a good pair of polarized
    sunglasses. I’m all squinty eyed w/o them : )

  3. RugB346 says

    Glad you did this video. This company is based about 20 minutes from where
    I live, and I saw a news story recently where they won a $2 million dollar
    contract with the military to build helmets. Hope you do a review on em I’d
    like to upgrade my shooting/hiking glasses and these look like they’d do
    the trick. Thanks and nice shades.

  4. joshlone1982 says

    I got a NIB pair that Im giving away very soon in my next
    giveaway……good glasses!!! I like the yellow lens when out shooting or
    out fishing…..makes it alot nicer to view into direct light!!!!

  5. USNERDOC says

    @joshlone1982 – I agree 100% Josh. These glasses are a great piece of gear
    for everyone. I especially like the RX carrier so I can use all of the
    lenses and still have my prescription.

  6. USNERDOC says

    @RugB346 – Great company with a solid product line . . . glad to hear about
    their recent contract award. I should have my review out very soon.

  7. USNERDOC says

    @td84 – I don’t own either Oakley or ESS eyewear so I will be reviewing the
    features and my personal experiences with Revision eyewear.

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