1. ArtisanTony says

    I have the same issue with wearing prescription glasses. I had safety
    lenses put in my glasses. Of course I work in the design-build industry so
    I needed a more permanent solution.

  2. USNERDOC says

    @KillerBeeKiller – I do remember you dinging me regarding safety glasses
    working on the garage cabinets . . . lesson learned and message received! ;-) Many thanks for the support!

  3. TacticalCitySlicker says

    When I was In Iraq I was banding extra armor to my vehicle, Nearly done I
    started to rush my job and over tightened one of the bands, and it snapped
    on me. I thank God I was wearing a set of ESS ballistic glasses, because if
    I didn’t surely would have lost my left eye. The band came down and angled
    right at me struck my single piece lens pane and knocked me straight on my
    ass, leaving a hole in the lens that nearly punctured it. I walked away
    with a black eye and an appreciation for eye safety.

  4. hinckleypoland says

    Great review David. I always wear my ESS glasses at the range. They have
    saved my ass a few times to include normal duties.

  5. AnInconvientPoof says

    Dear Doc The reason I wear glasses today is because I caught some secondary
    shrapnel in my eye from an arty round many 100′s yards away as I ran
    towards a bunker in the middle of the night! I almost lost my eye, I had
    friends that did lose an eye. I strongly recomend the best eye protection

  6. wildcatactual says

    Glad to hear your close call was just that. I’ve worn prescription glasses
    since age 4 or 5 and have experienced several instances where they
    protected me. One involved a ricochet from steel targets set at too close a
    range. I always insist on polycarbonate lenses for their impact resistance.
    When others have spoken volumes about corrective surgery allowed them to
    ditch their specs, I happily wear them at all times if for nothing more
    than eye safety.

  7. DrZman says

    Great review, Doc. I’m in the same boat – not a good candidate for laser
    surgery or contacts, so I was stuck with glasses with clipons. Based on
    Beachhead’s positive experience with ESS ICE, I recently got a pair. I like
    the improved safety with the wraparound style. Unfortunately, the insert
    pushes the glasses out, creating a gap at my eyebrows – maybe brass casings
    could get wedged in there. Also, like the other person who commented, they
    may have altered my experience of the sight picture.

  8. USNERDOC says

    @TRAVERZULU3 – my correction is bifocal . . . I have two sets of corrective
    carriers . . . one with the bifocal lens and one with just far correction.
    The bifocal lens is a function of the lens and not the carrier. I will do a
    brief update on that aspect for clarification . . . should be able to do
    that after my next shift . . . hope that helps!

  9. William Todd says

    That type of eyewear is awesome I had a pair of Wiley-X glasses in Iraq
    that I bought the prescription lenses for so I could wear them while on
    patrols. Problem is my prescription is so horrible it cost me $374 for the
    prescription lenses. No more will I buy glasses like that Its bad enough
    having to buy prescription eye glasses let alone buying a pair of expensive
    glasses then having to fork out another few hundred bucks to get
    prescription lenses. It sucks being blind LOL.

  10. dragonxhero478 says

    you just saved me a bbunch of trouble man. I have some classes that require
    me to wear safety glasses in our metal shop at school, but i had a problem
    i didn’t want to wear my regular glasses because there wasn’t all around
    protection, nor did i want to wear them under a pair of bulky safety
    glasses. i also recently tried contacts, but those irritated my eyes. this
    seems to be a great solution its small and provides good protection and i
    can still see. thank you

  11. paintballranger525th says

    I got sawfly issued at bct at ft Leonardwood Mo that being said 1 if u
    don’t use the strap they WILL fall I lost three pairs 2 the inserts fog up
    really quick when in heavy use 3 they can take a beating 4 once u start
    sweating the rubber parts of the glasses actually start to slip off

  12. paintballranger525th says

    Now the second part of my rant unlike the oakley m frames NEVER had to use
    the back strap or had a oakley pair slip off my face like this sawfly have.
    I mean really you put a little bit of water on this sawfly the rubber turns
    into butter. Unlike the m frames but they both fog up granted the sawfly
    fog up a lot more quicker then the m frames.

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