1. tonyofthenc says

    @DrPepperDrinkers If only, but they are really good goggles. Awesome
    review, would love to see some accessories too.

  2. ldsish says

    CrazyNCman you are the only person on youtube that can actually sell me a
    product. I have confidence in your recommendations and I really hope that
    Revision is taking care of you, since I am sure that you are sending a fair
    amount of business their way.

  3. SHWELL11 says

    @RsPker141 Its all good man, it is the internat, I never get bothered by
    anything.. Except when Frank deletes my FIRST post.. Then I am sad. very

  4. Forrest Bemis says

    Dear @crazyNCman You do an amazing job at reviewing guns and masks and
    everything else. Keep it up :D

  5. crazyNCman says

    @themonsterjaws59 You get your lenses made for them and then they just clip
    on the inside of the frame.

  6. BanditsAirsoft says

    Very Nice Job NCman I’ll be sure to buy a pair of those, they seem really
    good for the heat we have been getting this summer.

  7. Aidan Newcomer says

    Does the fan prevent sweat from running down the lenses? Fog isnt a problem
    for me, just that sweat drips on the lense. would the fan help dry it up
    and keep it dry?

  8. goonclown11 says

    just got these shoulda ordered it from revision thanks for the info cant
    wait to try em out thanks for the quality review as always

  9. Ryan Hickox says

    Is the fan meant to be turned on the entire time you’re playing or do you
    turn it on briefly to clear up fog?

  10. Vietboy1st says

    @nulk1 this website has green reviision turbo fan goggles

  11. Spaceman24 says

    I’m trying to decide between these and the ess nvg’s. Someone help PLEASE!
    Btw I’m getting something like the bravo v2 mesh lower.

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