1. Karen Marvin-Clark says

    Good feature that you can connect your phone, laptop etc.. at the same
    time. Thanks for the promo code and with the 14 days money back guarantee,
    well worth a try.

  2. Tim Wong says

    Dear Josh, Thank you for the lovely video and information about 12VPN but
    once more I tried this VPN and it worked fine at the beginning but then
    after 1-2 weeks I started having problems and contacted their customer
    service and when things got tough then shut me down and refunded me
    immediately no explanation given. Up to now, I am not sure what happen. I
    was in contact with Jennie and then all of a sudden Neil Smith, took over
    the ticket/conversation and BANG!! shut down. Also, I am not being pay for
    any of those comments but since you are telling this to most people that
    when we do not agree with you or when we are having problems with the VPN.
    I will turn the ball in your court. Are you being pay by these companies to
    advertise on their behalf? 

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