1. Sal Salazar says

    Cool I must of missed this two years ago Hmm, well never to late, Thanks,
    I’ll jump over to their site, take a look.

  2. Henry Pu Yi says

    I remember this guy too. I thought you were tired of this particular trade
    show? Glad you went and are sharing. 

  3. Ken Lee says

    I know a lot of us are already subbed to NutNfancy, but if you have missed
    him, here is an incentive, He is a goofball.
    also, he has the hookup on sleeping bags… The cafe’ is small enough that
    we could all get bags over the next YEAR and Recon Bags will do just fine
    with the few of us who jump in now …. SSHHH! ;) …No, really do not
    broadcast this to the world beyond, that would be rude.
    Gear up! A sleeping bag will save lives.

    TY,TNP! :) 

  4. FreewolfA5 says

    Paid $240 for the Army issue bag set, brand new.. Have a couple lighter
    bags too..
    Looks like a good unit tho.. 20% is a rockin discount too..

  5. CollegeHobbit says

    Not really a discount price compared to Amazon, since after the 20% off and
    shipping the Recon 5 comes out to $201. Amazon has it for $199 and free
    shipping with prime.

  6. JoBa8282 says

    I bought a Recon 2 and a Recon 4 after watching the first video and getting
    the discount. I was used to the Army issue sleep system before I used
    these bags. I am very very satisfied with these bags. I slept in a tent
    for 2 months straight last winter in AZ (average low of 30 F) using the
    Recon 2 bag inside the Recon 4 bag and slept very very well. Sometimes I
    would get hot and I’d just use the Recon 4 bag. Both these bags stay in my
    truck full time and I’ve used them occasionally since and they are always
    perfect for any condition. I would strongly recommend them for the price,
    comfort, and the low weight.
    I’ve had a small issue with one of the zippers but it was fixable. It
    can be easy to get material caught in the zipper so be deliberate and slow
    when zipping up.

  7. john plewa says

    Well looks like one person just paid full price and has a sore rear end
    about it. Great job getting the discount nutn!

  8. Colton D'Agostino says

    I just bought the recon 3 gen2 without hesitation! went to the site and
    used the code! Hopefully it holds up tp par!

  9. fbmbirds says

    Do the math guys. For instance, The Elite Survival Systems Recon 2 Sleeping
    Bag retails on their website for $139.95 and you will be paying $12.95 in
    shipping so the total would be $152.90 but Nutnfancy got you all a SWEET
    20% off which brings the bag down to $124.95 shipped. Yea thats $27.99
    Nutnfancy just saved you.

    But the sad thing is this same sleeping bag can be picked up on
    shipped Prime for $121.46 which is cheaper.

  10. Avg Joe Patriot says

    It’s great to have a company show love to the TNP nation. I might just
    have to check out those sleeping bags.

  11. Thelema9331 says

    I have a Recon 3, I’m very happy with it. I like the foot or inside bottom
    of the bag, it is a different reinforced material so you can wear your
    boots to sleep if you had to. 

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