1. Azaveki says

    I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this once I get back from training.
    There are some great guys down at Provident Metals and other than having to
    wait 3 weeks for a package, I like them quite a bit. I also like that jar
    in the background of this video. More importantly, what’s inside… :o 

  2. IggyGaming says

    As always, great job. Provident folks are cool. If you don’t hear from
    others just ditch them. Thanks for sharing and EDS :) 

  3. MrMnmn911 says

    Ha ha. Funny intro/outro! Great info TheSilverVee. I shop regularly at
    Provident Metals. I’ll have to inquire about getting the discount. Thumbs
    up!…and subbed.

  4. 101platayoro says

    Thanks for the word, wish I had found out a few years ago..spent a lot more
    than I had to, it appears.

  5. McQ 02 says

    That’s awesome they wrote you. When I found out it was over the phone. Too
    bad others are not on board with this though. They are getting more items
    in constantly so if they remain the only ones doing this I will probably
    not even look at any other options. 

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