1. Jonathan Miller says

    Dude, do you think you could do more insurgent battles on project reality
    and being the insurgents. You could build an impregnable insurgent fortress
    and have a lot of guys in it and put mortars, artillery, and light and
    heavy machine guns in the fortress. That could be your second main spawn
    point for your team and defend it to the last man. You could also tell
    suicide bombers where to attack at that fortress.

  2. Hiếu Mẹ says

    a game with Hino, surfacerunner and Blue as squadleaders… well, this team
    is fuckin’ invincible!!

  3. Wesley Smith says

    Yeah! I call bullshit on this one. I know your only human and all but I
    would like to see some more heart in your videos! 

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