1. atirylf says

    @oevzA1oL The P-38 was in service before the 80s,not since.I served between
    75-78,still have mine but can’t find it.

  2. Terry Poulin says

    The little can opener he brings in about 0:43 or 0:44 seconds into it, is
    what I think of as a can opener…as my family has been using exactly that
    make of one for over 20 years.

    Kinda felt like a retard over New Years, having to ask my fiancee how to
    use their can opener (it’s like the next one he showed). Cool…but
    different having a suction cup like grip on the lid lol. Yes, I am
    a neanderthal.

    I could *not* imagine life with an electric can opener but then again, I
    don’t monkey with openning cans for a living. Honestly I might be more at
    home with the John Wayne can opener than an

  3. Donald Maggart says

    I agree with Mikael the only time John Wayne was referenced was the 2
    chocolate crisp round candy bars e always called them John Wayne bars and
    everyone knew I loved them. I’m 50 now and I still have a P-38 hanging
    around my neck on my dogtag chain. “A man ought to know his
    limitations”—Clint Eastwood

  4. Pathfinder Woodsman says

    You can sand the top of the can on a rock or cement to break the seal.
    Disclamor there might be slight graval.

  5. MrHondaguy1 says

    I love both P-38/51 can openers. I use them all the time and even carry one
    on my keychain at all times.

  6. TarHeelBrit says

    Both my wife and I have P-38′s on our keys. To be honest we’ve not used
    them to open cans but they make great emergency screwdrivers. Never be
    without one.

  7. Milosz Ostrow says

    Ha, ha! I had a Chinese-made butterfly can opener such as shown at 0:45 in
    this video and it FAILED the second time I tried using it during a trip.
    Utter piece of junk, not like the ones made by Ekco in the U.S. decades
    ago. I paid $1 for it at a “dollar store”, so it wasn’t even worth going
    back to complain. Fortunately, I also had a P-51 opener along and a modern
    knock-off of the classic Ekco Miracle Roll mini travel can/bottle opener as
    back-ups, and they worked fine.

  8. littlegoobie says

    the naming controversy must be the metric. and i agree. Why would the US
    military measure and name something after a unit of measurement they do not
    use? the entire world is metric except a few countries , so either this
    thing is imported, or designed elsewhere, or has some other foreign
    connection otherwise the metric naming makes no sense.

  9. Jim Nesta says

    When I was in the Army in the late 60s I carried the P-38 on my dog tag
    chain around my neck. Our C-ration kits were supposed to include a P-38,
    but we felt better having one on our person. I used that P-38 as a backup
    can opener years after I got out of the Army. It never failed to function,
    which was more than I could say for many of the fancy store-bought can

  10. RubberRivet says

    I’ve been using these all my life (I’m 58) my old man was in the (British)
    army, we never used any thing else, my wife uses these and my kids have
    left home but they also use them. Why would you need to complicate such a
    basic but winning design. 

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