1. 05generic says

    It’s been my observation that Best Glide markets good items. A kit like
    that could definitely save a life but you would be praying that the cavalry
    show up quick. :o ) 

  2. kbbjedi says

    Good looking kit, looks to have most of the bases covered. For me part of
    the fun is putting kits together myself based on my needs but nice to know
    you can get a pre made kit with quality items. Thanks for the overview and

  3. Patriot36 says

    I like it! The mirror and magnifier are pretty neat additions too! I’m
    not so sure about the saw. I always seemed to break them or they got
    clogged with sap in soft pine. Maybe they’re better now than when I used
    to play with them.

  4. Kullcraven Bushcraft says

    Nice kit there, i could see use in all of it but that one item. That is
    better to have then none, but personally they are total garbage. That is
    the wire saw. anyone that has used these more then twice have broken them.
    I have broken a few on the first time use. They heat up and snap, so great
    review and thanks for sharing. 

  5. TurtleWolf Pack says

    Pretty decent looking little pocket kit, maybe replace the wire saw with
    one of those little Tops saws and if you could fit one a nice compact
    little folding knife instead of the blade.

  6. Lt Survival says

    cool kit, some neet item in there and lot of it. great review. As always
    one of the key to survival is Preparation. Carrying this kit could make a
    survival situation, an overnight camp. not fun but do-able. Thanks for

  7. InnerBark Outdoors says

    Damn they put a lot of stuff in that kit. Without cramming and jamming it
    all in there too. Thanks for the video Wingman!

  8. janken919 says

    Excellent review! Considering its size, it contains all the necessary items
    for survival.
    Seems like it has a bit of extra room for paper, first-aid or another zip
    lock bag. 

  9. DJHAF says

    good review , u made same mistake everyone else does with the saw , u need
    to attached to a bow and use it as bow saw . 

  10. Michael Perkins says

    only thing i would change is the cable saw ! would probably go with one
    made out of old chainsaw chain! and will still fit in the tin!

  11. Tolik L. says

    The premis of what is in there is sound , but some of the things really
    dont look that useful . I would replace a few of those items with other
    things , like a cigarette lighter , etc. If you were lost in the woods on a
    hunting trip , and had to spend a night out in it , that would make life a
    little bit easier , but then again , same old story , if you dont know what
    to do , and how to make things out there , your pretty well screwed except
    for at least building a fire .

  12. Bruce Bruch says

    Hey man im 14years old and have much money but i have reascently started
    peeping but can you do a bit on food 

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