1. gmk05 says

    Hi, I love this video. I have many noob questions. 1. Was he in trouble in
    the beginning? it seemed that he was possibly tangled and worked his way
    through it. 2. Was the smoke for show? 3. The device he is checking on his
    wrist, altitude? 

  2. Michael Donavon says

    I was thinking that those smoke cannisters would be HOT, after they ran out
    (?) Guess not. That sure was a tangled mess, when they were
    retrieved. I liked it when you would stop with the retrieval, and grab a
    steering line! Ha.
    Yes, I like others, wondered if your line twists would give you some real
    trouble – good job on straightening that out. B-6370

  3. Jack says

    This is exactly why America is boss at winning wars props to the navy
    seals they give freedom and rights thousands have died for our freedom
    thank the lord we have them right beside our team of highly intelligent
    squadrons of fbi csi and last but not least navy seals and I’m proud to say
    I am a American thank them all for our rights thank you

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