1. TacticalDoogle9 says

    Sorry to hear about your transmission my transmission just went out in my
    Honda Odyssey so there went my AK funds there’s always something to fuck
    your day over

  2. SoldierTactical2011 says

    Thanks for the about the transmission I know what it feels
    similar thing happen to me and I said bye bye to my 7.62x54R Vepper funds!!
    Hopefully you don’t have to youse your rape whistle when the mechanic takes
    a look!! Lol!!

  3. HnRe42 says

    I love your priorities my dude!!!! Not (from what I know of you) that they
    have ever been in question…but your channel name is pigsnguns….and you
    introduced yourself in reverse as gunsnpigs! Your pigs are cool…don’t get
    me wrong…but I think we all (you included) agree your guns are just BAD
    TO THE ASS brother! Make it official…change your tube ID because I always
    refer to you in the order that you just introduced yourself in! I had
    someone tell me the other day…I can’t find a gunsnpigs channel lol…they
    were looking for it in the wrong order!

  4. The Mosin Nagant Channel says

    Sorry to hear about the tranny bro. I just had to replace mine on Monday. I
    hope you get here up and running again soon. 

  5. smilemoney says

    So the leatherman was not enough to fix the transmission. Probably needed
    some duct tape. Transmissions always seem to be a big ticket item.

  6. JinkxSoldga says

    Yet another reason why the second amendment protects us from these sort of
    situations. The mere existence of the 4473 is completely unconstitutional,
    especially it’s physical existence after a background check is completed.

  7. metaltrooper62 says

    I wonder why Glock decided to start asking for the form 4473s? Glock had
    the Blue Label program for a while. I think anyone who served our country
    should get discounts on things like this. Maybe some one was using the
    discount that did not deserve it. Who knows.

  8. krazy45cat says

    No fun when the car is in trouble . The last 2videos I could hardly hear
    you ,and I have the sound turned all the way up ,Gerry

  9. jdinky3 says

    My tranny took a crap last year, only first gear would work, the 25 min
    ride home from work took 3 hrs at a wopping 8mph lol oh an working at a
    state park i use ivarest on a daily basis for poison ivy

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