1. Terra Zetzz says

    Diplex, I suggest you use the attack command located where the use grenade
    icons are instead of right clicking when you’re moving units. If you use
    the attack command to move units to a spot, the units will move there and
    engage any hostiles on the way instead of only moving and obliviously
    walking into enemy fire. Hope you see this Diplex, it would make the
    experience much better! :) 

  2. Duffy2013 says

    Have I ever mentioned that I love you and all your videos? If not then I
    love you and your videos :) 

  3. JackTheCarver says

    You didn’t expect the SAA to be that outgunned when you gave the IDF at
    least as many Merkavas as the Syrians had T-72s? Really?

  4. DiplexHeated says

    I think I will wait a while until I involve the US and Russia, thinking of
    doing an IDF vs SAA vs FSA in a 3-way battle. 

  5. Destroyer6263 says

    It would have been awesome if the helicopters had tried to airlift all the
    survivors our of the base instead of the few. But with a game like this
    where u command everything I understand how easy it might be to forget
    units and not coordinate them how the actual soldiers would if they were
    autonomous with a real grasp of tactics. Hence, I can not blame you for any
    unrealism as this is just a game and I think u do I fine job for just one
    person commanding two armies in a battle and micromanaging

  6. devin ruch says

    Plz make more battles with the editor I love your videos and hope to see
    more editor for men of war plz thx and hope you make more

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