1. Spherical Cube says

    How come the Ukrainians did not get any air support, even though they were
    defending an air base?

  2. DiplexHeated says

    Might be leaving Crimea after the next episode. I have the IDF and there
    are plenty of scenarios in Project Reality when they fight the Russians.

  3. XTheLostChampionX says

    well continue on with the series EVEN WHEN THE UKRAINIAN AND RUSSIAN STUFF
    ENDS HAVE NEW WARS ex:America Russia Germany France ETC: JUST DONT STOP

  4. DiplexHeated says

    I have a story-line, just like a single player campaign or a movie would
    have. I intend to follow it. If that means making it a bit easier for the
    Russians time to time, then so be it. 

  5. Logan McGraw says

    when I was talking about fair, I meant about the Ukrainians having really
    old BTR’s and barley any RPG’s.

  6. DiplexHeated says

    You guys need to also drop the “fair” bullshit. War isnt fair, and I adjust
    the force of both nations depending on the situation. 

  7. DiplexHeated says

    Changed the title of the video, mainly the name of the airport. All due to
    recent events in Crimea. 

  8. Wulfle says

    I am absolutely LOVING this series! You mind works wonders, my friend!
    Maybe a North Korea vs South Korea story next?

  9. ADebtFreeJourney says

    Is this mod still available? I swear I’d seen somewhere that it was
    cancelled?? Is this also the same one that is suppost to have aliens and
    zombies, along with regular type stuff in the update?

  10. Jonathon Tyynismaa says

    I totally agree with diplexheated war isn’t fair go join the military and
    fight you will know war isn’t like a tea party I’m saying guns firing over
    your head crying screaming blood on the ground

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