1. cheeseburgerjohnson says

    Don’t need to justify your thoughts on the Team Sootch00/minuteman logo
    brother. Any real American knows the history of the minuteman. Also, loved
    the review! I am a former Marine from the 80′s and those canteens will beat
    the hell out of your kidneys. I didn’t even know there was a padded belt
    you could put them on. Thanks for your hard work!

  2. oldairforcedude says

    @1991jarhead It’s going to happen. It’s not “if”, but “when”, and nobody
    but the insiders know when. America is flat broke, the only thing holding
    up the dollar is the people’s confidence in it. While sheeple americans
    still have confidence in it, simply because they don’t know any better,
    China and Russia and other countries who trade in US dollars have already
    lost confidence. Since that is now the case, the clock is ticking now.
    Stockpile like there’s no tomorrow, cause there may not be.

  3. Derek Walther says

    @nwall989898 Just some pretty gnarley lookin knives. Army/Navy suplus shop
    workers seem to be complete asses no matter wherever i go. The FBI is
    putting insane pressure on them concerning terrorists.

  4. gentlegiant6585 says

    Awsome vid! Definately getting the 2 quart canteen, 1 qt. cover, patches,
    and that molle hip belt. Thanks a bunch for posting.

  5. ware2405 says

    that o-ring hole on top of the canteen is for the straw that is built into
    a MCU2P gas mask so you can drink without removing your mask

  6. GearZoneTactical says

    you have all of old stuff, try getting the new stuff like the OCP or the
    AOR’s pattern that I have!

  7. djay6651 says

    I’ve like 3 Camelbacks with a ton of replacement bladders, but I have an
    empty canteen cover than needs a canteen to fill it.

  8. dimadonut says

    why do we allow these nut job preppers to just pick up all these weapons,
    who knows when they might go insane and kill a bunch of school children

  9. Robert Reede says

    This is very cool and greatly informative. After seeing this I bought some
    morale patches. They improved the look of my range bag a lot. 

  10. CanadianSurvivor says

    one thing about the green canteen….. that adapter or straw hole on the
    lid of it, is made to have your gas mask (I know the Canadian c4 gas mask
    will work) drinking straw “plug in” to it so that you can drink while
    wearing your gas mask. keep in mind …..if they do make a straw you will
    have to turn the canteen upside down to drink from it as there is no straw
    on the inside.

  11. Thunder Wolf says

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