1. Myles Megna says

    Ok how the guy did the coke trick he just made a paper cut out of the
    opening and stuck it on there

  2. 100,000 Subscribers With No Videos?! says

    Don’t know what to comment now, it is so saturated with fakers, guess I am
    going for 29,000 by the end of the night, also a +1 can help out loads as I
    have seen a decrease in +1 and then subs due to this.

    Thanks for the help!

  3. honadilla8888 says

    Right there with you on the hair cut. I just go in and tel them to cut it
    how they want to and it kinda looks like your haircut as well. Not to sound
    weird lol

  4. Gametroll Zobiak says

    I have never been to the barbers in my whole life and im 13 my dad cuts my
    hair hell be pretty useless after he turns into a lifeless corpse

  5. Gaming Scrub says

    I loved Prison Break man. One of my favorite series of all time. You should
    work on that T-Bag voice! 

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