1. Calvin Mardembrough says

    Here Everyone My Facebook People, I Calvin Producerc Mardembrough Bka
    ProducerCali, WIll Be Bringing Out A ‪#‎MilitaryRebels‬ Compilation CD Free
    for All The #MilitaryRebels Fans…….. But I WIll Need Help!!!, Can You
    Message Me Or Reply On This Post What WAS YOUR FAVORITE #MILITARYREBELS
    SONG, And If Your Trying to Be A Apart of this Productions That Might
    ShowCase ‪#‎StMaartens‬ Talent In ‪#‎Singing‬ ‪#‎Rapping‬ ‪#‎Poetry‬
    ‪#‎Male‬ or ‪#‎Female‬ Contact Me At +1721 5877003 Temporary Sxm # Until i
    get A Job Phone Or Reply On This Post or in box me Thank You. (Like My Fan
    Page Producercali ) — with Nasmarie SoloKween Doran, Andrew A. Sylvester,
    King Versatwizy and 30 others at St.Maarten, Netherland Antillies.

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