1. Badlands Paintball says

    Cool video on US Soldiers using the Spyder Paintball MRX to train with. If
    you had the chance, would you go up against these guys?

    Military Combat Training with Spyder Paintball Markers

  2. HueyShabazz says

    Why don’t they put the air tank in the butt of the gun like the other
    realistic brands of paintball markers? Does it get in the way of the
    blowback bolt or something?

  3. Jeitch says

    In my local paint ball place their are always like3 or 4 marines waiting to
    get in a battle they are really op

  4. Piinky oPiinkyo says

    I love Paintball, but the real difference from me experiencing gun fighting
    is real bullets go through hard objects, so it’s best to play low and
    steady while on the go..

  5. ARIEL ADAEL says

    The real guns are heavy, would you please wear some weight on their wrists?
    I mean, be more closer to the real battles.

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