1. Dylan Murphy says

    He tricked someone into giving him a military discount and he then tried to
    use that as evidence that he’s not a phony. What a complete dirtbag, doing
    this more than once should involve prison time.

  2. jonathan perkins says

    This guy….needs a phycological throat punch, he might think straight

  3. Travis Holbrook says

    Wish i would have been there i would have choked his ass out with that
    fucking iv line

  4. Kneegrow says

    So if all his shit was stolen then how is he buying shit? Dont u put ur ID
    with ur bank cards??

  5. BaSH PROMPT says

    This guy obviously has mental problems, especially if he’s homeless. No one
    is willingly homeless, or drug addicted. You don’t wake up one day and
    think hey, I’ve got a great idea! Maybe find out what his problem is? Take
    him under your wing and help him sort his shit out so he has reason to
    respect the uniform he’s abusing rather than dickhead kids with cameras who
    did time to avoid prison or because they’re deadbeats with no prospects.
    Make him feel guilt if he does it again by good deeds not negativity.

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