1. leighmossien2009 says

    All i see is a guy acting tough infront of girls !


    That young boy was by HIMSELF ,and clearly he looked nervous while a guy
    twice his size surrounded by other larger friends….wow…such bravery on
    such a young boy who was alone !
    COWARD .

  2. TankMan19441 says

    Man veterans like this are the reason I joined. Still getting all the
    recruitment tests sorted out (it’s really bureaucratic and lengthy to join
    in Canada) but guys like these are really down to earth, no bullshit,
    simple kinda guys. Fun as hell to drink with. And I love seeing posers shit
    themselves when they get exposed. 

  3. Samantha May says

    Do you think you’re cool bullying a kid like that? Put him in his place;
    don’t be a fucking douche bag about it, though. This kind of shit is the
    reason why I don’t have as much respect for marines as men and women of
    other branches. Because most of them are the stereotypical, egotistical,
    cocky, self-righteous pieces of shit like this guy is. 

  4. Xaider says

    Why do Americans think it’s cool to be in the U.S army or a Marine? No one
    gives a shit anywhere else. UK basic infantry are trained longer and better
    than U.S marines and they don’t brag – not even Royal Marines which is even
    longer. I’ve never heard anyone in the UK brag about being in the military
    but in the U.S it’s such a cool thing you’ll praise and lick their feet for
    them like a bunch of worked up girls wagging your tails. So cringe worthy..
    grow up ladies!

  5. John Doe says

    Aww, the guy who signed a contract to blow people up and to be blown up
    wants sympathy when it ACTUALLY FUCKING HAPPENS. “my brothers are getting
    blowed up”…yeah, they signed a contract to be

  6. Logan Shephard says

    Wow, what a bunch of tough guy wanna bee bad asses on here responding. You
    fucktards don’t get it. To be called a Marine is something guys like me
    EARN……..with blood, sweat, discipline, BALLS, and honor!! We take
    strong offense to others that don’t RATE even the remote HINT that they are
    Marines. It’s a tight knit group of brothers. We know right away when you
    are full of shit………and you best back the hell up as we defend our
    title WE EARNED the hard way!!

  7. Mike Patton says

    3 things you’ll always see in YouTube video comments :

    1. Narcissistic Euro cunts bragging about Euro stuff.

    2. The word “nigger”.

    3. Something about 9.11 being a hoax.

  8. Joe marine says

    Calm down. Im from south korea and as its mandatory military service over
    here for us dudes, its kinda funny seeing americans making a big deal out
    of it

  9. Marz916 says

    He is a Marine and a douche. I’ve seen other videos where the servicemen
    call out posers and fakers, but don’t bully them, or threaten them.

  10. TheAlphag0d says

    So cuz he is a real marine,he has the right to bully the other guy?call him
    out but u dont have to get all up in his face.

  11. Mike Wayne says

    the government don’t even care about the people who fight for this country.
    They are to busy helping and giving money to other country’s

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