1. Rares Ignatescu says

    @GTAstuntguy Can’t wait for the time when you will ask him/anyone else to
    do something. Hypocrisy to the fullest right there.

  2. TheCarpenterAnt224 says

    Erm, why was my comment removed O_o? I didn’t say anything wrong :L. Diplex
    must be pickey about people who like SH3 XD.

  3. Korrupted says

    Why does no one use towers? This mission was easy just build 1-2 wooden
    towers beside there spawn and put a bunch of spearmen up there on stand

  4. hoth1996 says

    u need to stop attacking your self just walk and let them shoot on there
    own because they will all use there spears at the same time

  5. sik3xploit says

    What a lovely day it is my lord… then I hear the guttural sounds from a
    man being stuck with a spear…

  6. CrazehMunkehGaming says

    Omg dude you wait until you have like 40 men then attack don’t attack with
    a shit ass 7 men -_-

  7. IMazeStudios says

    So can people explain to me exactly what is wrong with this game? I played
    the originals and they were fun, but the graphics and feel of the game was
    a huge drag. I know big fans are going to get at me for what I just said,
    but I play enough older games that I was into when I was a kid, I don’t
    need more old games. 

  8. MPC007 GAMING says

    This game is too hard. You can’t build up because they keep spawning in a
    defensive game! Its not fair :( And Diplex, you beeld way to many hovels.
    If you’re never going to raise an army larger than 20, you don’t need the
    hovels for 100 people. You could have sold the wood..

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