1. ProDropInsane says

    Personally i think this one is the best game but your video’s make the game
    seam rather boring cause you miss a lot of thing’s that happen on the
    screen cause you are always trying to do so many thing’s so fast it’s as if
    you think your going to be invaded instantly or something.

  2. MrMinetastic1 says

    13:50 out of food, wolves attack, then it becomes night, then people start
    to leave. It’s just not ur day. lol

  3. Ian Norrington says

    I share your feelings that the campaigns aren’t great. The story is okay,
    but it doesn’t quite fit as well with the gameplay as it could. Stronghold
    1 is far worse, though. If I was on the team I’d make sure that the story
    and campaign gameplay were spectacular and engaging. That does seem a
    little boastful, but it’s true.

  4. Cloak N Dagger says

    See, the thing is that you seem to be forgetting that not all types of food
    generates at the same time. You always need to focus on making orchards and
    hunting posts first, then worry about the more complicated forms of food
    that take longer for the villagers to make.

  5. lordjosh286 says

    Man Diplex I’m sorry but you should’ve placed the stockpile more towards
    the tree. It doesn’t matter how close it is to your keep unless you played
    SH1/Crusader then you couldnt help that but for this you couldve placed the
    camp towards the trees the stockpile at the forrest and the granary in a
    excluded area. More room for hovels near the keep and more room to build
    food producing buildings. Also with the stockpile near the trees you could
    place an armory beside it and build bows and spears at a quick pace
    maximizing your efficency

  6. Angel Bravo says

    Your angry child like ranting are very annoying on a fun game like this.You
    need to drink some water so you can focus , My boy can no longer view your
    page videos .cuss all you want Idiot.

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