1. PhlyDaily says

    From the last Itemdrops video I released. We took some really good advice
    and now have a custom box that features War/Military themed stuff for us
    WARGAMERS :) Finally a box for us! ONE OF US ONE OF US!

  2. Conner Ellis says

    phly you should get a black backdrop or a green screen :D nice video
    though, i will definitely purchase these box`s now, what would be great is
    some more plane models because they are sweet! 

  3. Jim Chamberlin says

    They had some really cool things in that box. The models looked great.
    I’m going to have to check out that metal tank model online.

  4. alfwok says

    Those metal earth tanks are great. I made the tiger and the chi-ha. The key
    to success is having the right size object to shape/form the wheels.
    Paintbrushes are good because they taper. Find the right spot on the brush
    and mark it because you have to make so many wheels.

  5. Cpt. Gavorn says

    ffs i was watching this while playing elite dangerous. got excited about
    the corsair forgot to request docking and got a whopping 500cr fine Thnaks
    Phly :/

  6. :D Paprica says

    Im a 16 years old teenager about to start working for the first time-…
    Perhaps i`ll spend my first paycheck on my favorite hobby, Military
    collections / Goodies :D DD!

  7. Jake Rubin says

    Hey Phly, the F4U is a Corsair from the 323rd Death Rattlers (VMF-323)
    currently based out of Miramar California. The Death Rattlers were formed
    in 1943 and have flown in every conflict including WWII (F4U’s), Korea
    (F4U’s and FJ-4′s), Vietnam (F-4 Phantom’s), and Operation Iraqi Freedom
    (F/A-18′s). Throughout the squadron’s history, they have had 12 aces. 

  8. Bashfulfruit says

    They actually started doing themes!? Oh my god fucking YESS!! finally! I
    hate how stuff like lootcrate just assume what you’ll like, now you alteast
    can tell whether you will like what your getting or not.

    EDIT: oh wait, do you not get to pick the theme?

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