1. Rocio Laura says

    FAQ’s:: For everyone asking about substitutions – My mom told me I wasn’t
    allowed to substitute anything, so I didn’t and I can’t guarantee any
    results if you do substitute items BUT I do understand if you have
    allergies, vegetarians, or religious reasons why you can’t eat certain
    things. What I would say is that there is a very similar (but not the same)
    diet called the military diet that does allow for substitutions and has a
    list of what can be subbed for what foods. Type military diet substitutions
    into google for your specific concern. Most importantly make sure what
    you’re subbing has similar calories and nutritional value (ex don’t change
    a piece of meat for equal calories in ice cream, stay within the same food
    group – fruit for fruit, protein for protein). If you just don’t “like”
    certain foods I would say just suck it up it’s only 3 days lol – there were
    a LOT of items on the diet that I DO NOT like haha but I just closed my
    eyes and very grudgingly ate them. Please thumbs up this comment so it can
    be on top and everyone can see it. Sooo proud and happy to read all the
    ‘success’ comments! Keep up the amazing work guys, love you!

  2. Brandii Miller says

    Im really curious to know is exercise included in the 3 day diet,or does it
    work with sedentary as well,and how long After can you do the diet again
    after the 3 days are up?i really need to know im trying to get the beach
    body I’ve always wanted since as long as i can remember 

  3. hannahvideos101 says

    I’m 4kg underweight for my age/height but for some reason I am always
    bloated – that’s what makes me look fat. So I am obsessed with trying to
    lose it. I eat very healthy and I haven’t ever tried soft drink or eaten
    unhealthy foods for months. Idek.

  4. BlackIsBeautiful21 says

    this might be a REALLY silly question but is it ok if I can still go to the
    gym and workout while I’m doing this diet? I’m starting this diet today and
    I’m just nervous about it because I don’t wanna mess up this diet by over
    doing it. please respond back to me, lol!!! thanks…. :) 

  5. Sandra Scott says

    Laura…You are amazing! I’ll give this diet a try and i hope that i can
    lose 10 pounds in just 3 days. I’m actually reading the new Ricky Dawson’s
    free report “The 7 Golden Tips”. It’s really helpful and contains a lot of
    valuable information on how to drop pounds easily and fast. Thank you for
    inspiring me!

  6. Sylvie-Anne van Eijk says

    I’m 11 and 44.2 pounds (if I’m correct I don’t live in a land where they
    speak English) I think that that’s like waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much. I don’t
    like my body on some places, like my belly, it’s just too fat. But i CANT
    drink coffee (of course) and I can’t really change other things too. I’m
    doing the paleo diet now, and it helped a lot. I’m doing it for one week
    now and lost like two pounds! I’m really proud of that! I know it’s not
    much, but If it go’s on like this, i think it Will get better. Can you give
    me Some tips please? Thanks anyways for reading this! :D 

  7. Marsha Jones says

    I just have two questions, 1. Can you exercise throughout these 3 days? 2.
    How long do you wait between days to start back up the diet? :) 

  8. HeyItsKarinaaa says

    This is complete BS! I did this and honey.. I lost 6 pounds first off your
    basically starving from lunch to dinner and then when your done and start
    eating normal but (HEALTHY) the weight comes back like a B.. WASTE OF TIME
    AND way harder to lose weight after>>>>> SMH DONT TRY THIS “DIET”

  9. Elfenloveanime elfen says

    I have to go to school and we do all school lunches what do i do? i mean
    wait to eat after school? i would die of hunger and embarassment beacause
    my tummy would rummble in class HELP!

  10. directioners and Little mixers says

    Guys can you please tell me if I’m fat or not! I’m 10 (in grade 4) and I’m
    tall and I weigh 94 pounds… Sometimes I look normal but after I eat a bit
    I feel like Giant squished into my stomach. I feel so ashamed because my
    sister in grade 6 weights 81.6 pounds…(I am her hight) 

  11. Julie E. Dunn says

    >What If I Told Everything You Know About Shopping For”Healthy”Fod And
    Eating Is Dead-Wrong ??

  12. Elizabeth Alexis says

    ~~~>>>This is the first time I’ve followed a structured months-long workout
    plan in quite a while. Sometimes it’s good to have all the decisions out of
    my hands. I know I’m working out longer, harder, and more often than I
    would on my own, yet I’m having fun. There’s still no dread factor and I’m
    happy with the results. I knew the first four weeks of any plan, not a
    whole lot happens. Most of the “holy crap!” changes in your appearance come
    in the later weeks. So I’m really really pleased with the plan and I will
    continue using it to maintain my new body and make adjustments when
    necessary. I can’t wait to the summer holidays! Thanks for the honest Venus
    Factor reviews everyone.

  13. PrettyJantriceBased says

    I shall subscribe to your channel because you have the entire series of
    city of bones and lost heros on your book shelf

  14. Dragan Krstic says

    Hi all of you… Could anyone of you recommend me some decent and proven
    weight loss program for my wife, you have used, or you know someone used it
    and it was succesfull ? She has huge problem with obesity. She has tried
    different methods and trainings but no one really worked for her(last time
    she lost 13 pounds in about 3 weeks and now she is gaining pounds again).
    If anyone knows any decent and reliable weight loss program, please
    suggest!Thanks in advance people :) It would mean a lot to ,me and my girl

  15. Sierra Arso says

    Hey guys! I started this diet yesterday and I’m going to weigh myself every
    morning. As of day 1 I’ve lost 3lbs!!!! I’m on day 2 today so in the
    morning I’ll weigh myself and let everyone know my progress the morning
    after day 3!!! :D :) good luck everyone and thank you so much for posting
    this video Rocio!

  16. Brandon Washington says

    *Great vedio!If you are the kind of person who wants to get lean muscle and
    get in shape for summer in just a few weeks,check this program.*

  17. D' Boss says

    I’m currently trying this for the first time….I’m willing to share my
    experience if anyone has questions

  18. Claire Szymanowski says

    It’s called the military diet and I know someone that tried it and they
    only lost 2lbs.

  19. d. prophecyfire/ Gansmann says

    why vanilla ice cream is used on these 10 pound diets , why not yogurt
    plain. no sugar

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