1. RafaDIYLifeStyle says

    Girl… totally feel ya about loosing weight and looking good! Also in the
    same journey…lol
    But just a sista tip… Be careful.. because those “quick” diets, you
    normally get all the weight back right way… But I wish you good luck! :)
    and BTW LOVE YOUR SWEATER! Sweater lover right here lol! <3

  2. Priya Pattar says

    I’m actually on the diet right now so I was excited to see the video but
    the website does claim that the heavier you were before plays a huge role
    in how much weight you will lose

  3. Mike Kelley says

    you always look great and put me in a good mood when i watch your videos!!! :)
    have a wonderful day!!

  4. Marquia Howell says

    i did the same thing! and i am posting a video about my experience later
    this week! Good job on the 3 day diet! I love your videos!

  5. kelsbeautytips says

    thanks for doing this girly! im going to florida next week so i think I’m
    gonna give this a try :) 

  6. Emily Bean says

    I’m such a fan of your channel! <3 You're great! Thanks for your opinion
    about the diet. I've been doing it off and on for a while. Anyway, quick
    feedback: Your voice seemed extra loud. Maybe talk softer so it's more
    personable and not like, talking to a crowd of people? lol. Love ya!!

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