1. David R says

    This is just funny the idea, trying to scam an American company to get a
    HUGE discount as it sounds like half off than the same people are pissed
    off that jobs are getting out sourced…..

    Am i the only one finding this video ironic?

  2. Krisit Bassett says

    You should never pay using your credit card. I use only a check. They will
    charge you $2 to use a check, but it is cheaper than having to waste my
    time calling and getting the money back. You can also use it as a way to
    get your price lowered each year. I have done it for 3 years now and it
    works every time. I think they are less likely to deal the following year
    when they see that I use my checks on the account BUT I dont’ get an
    automatic charge that is too hard to get them to lower later on.

  3. Warren Donaldson says

    What kind of account is that? I have XM All-Access on the free trial with
    my car and XM has offered 6 mos. at $29.94 for 6 mos. of XM Select — that
    does not include NFL games, Howard Stern or Internet access. I don’t care
    for Howard, but would like NFL. I talked to 4 people and they all offered 6
    mos. of All-Access for $49.99. Nothing better.

    Are you getting Howard Stern, NFL and Internet included for $25 / 6 mos.?

  4. otm3904 says

    Everyone who gets the free Sirius with their vehicle is shocked when they
    want $200 a year after 6 months. If you are smart enough you tell them no.
    They then offer half off. The next year they know that you know the game
    and they aren’t going lower than half off. What he did is a one time thing
    after your free subscription runs out. I got my renewal notice today for
    $164.89 plus royalty fees. Total $185.50. I’m not renewing for more than
    $90. I’m not paying more than that so Jew Boy Stern can make $40million a

  5. Michael Siracusa says

    I’m sorry, it was a little bit difficult for me to hear the person on the
    other end of the phone. Was the pricing that you showed in this video for
    the all access package? I noticed that the date of this video is over a
    year ago has anyone tried this approach in the year 2014?

  6. NitroBoarder17 says

    dude i calles xm last nite to sub and i swear i had the exact same lady
    talking to me lol, they offered 32 dollars for 6 months, good enough for me
    although i dont have any method to pay for it as my credit card info was
    compromised so i am having a new one sent in the mail to me. gonna hit it
    up as soon as i get the card

  7. Joe Danko says

    I just did this exactly as the video shows and got a year select package
    for $109.03 tax and fees included. I will be doing it again in a few weeks
    to renew on my other car. I have been doing this for at least 5 years now
    and have gotten the discount each time. Thanks kenji4861!
    P.S. They say they will automatically renew each year but if you do not
    have a CC on file they cannot charge you. 

  8. Christian Wilkins says

    I have had Sirius in my car since I was on the way home from the dealer on
    the day of purchase nearly 2 years ago. I have NEVER paid the regular price
    for services. Since day one I gotten 6 month promo’s for around $30.00.

  9. Shelly Patrick says

    Worked for me. Just got 5 months for $25. I just dated my calender to call
    a week before billing to renegotiate.(I could have had the year offer for
    $86 too) Thanks kenji4861!

  10. Terackley says

    Worked for me on the second try! Customer rep wouldn’t budge on my first
    try, but was persistent and it did work on the 2nd try. My auto-renewl
    rate would have been $185.50, Said I needed to cancel as I couldn’t afford
    that rate. I was immediately offered the $89/yr deal, so with taxes & fees
    came to $115.32. Much more doable. Thank so much for posting this info.

  11. Dolores McGauley says

    I signed up for Sirius $89 a year plan after my trial ran out and what I
    received in the line of music consisted of 4 Gospel stations and maybe 25
    music stations that no one in their right mind would listen to. I
    cancelled over a week ago and am still waiting for a refund. Sirius radio
    is one big rip off. There has to be a better way to get satellite radio
    than from these robber barons.

  12. savammy says

    wish they would get tech support people and operators who speak
    english.tired of having them repeat info.cant understand them.

  13. Ken Orashan says

    Had to call and tell a second rep I was going to cancel to get the $89/year
    rate. The first rep said no discount. Don’t give up!

  14. Danny Toye says

    Thank you so much Kenji.
    I was reluctantly going to renew for $175.89. One quick call and they
    offered $89. No arguments.
    Thanks again 

  15. Kelly02895 says

    These guys are right up there with Comcast. I got a 3-month free trial when
    I bought my truck. During that period, I was inundated with calls and
    letters from them wanting me to subscribe for $189/yr. I let the trial run
    out and still got mail from them once or twice a week, now cutting it to
    $29.99 for the first six months. But you can’t cancel on-line, you have to
    CALL them, allowing them to bug the crap out of you. I’ll stick with my FM
    and old CD’s.

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