1. Zeshi0 says

    Definitely tried a battle belt and had the same issues with it riding up.
    Tried figuring out if I could attach some clips or snaps to my belt to keep
    it in place better. This seems like a good way of tackling that issue. 

  2. Gregory Redington says

    $450 is a very steep price i am always on a budget so are there any rigs
    that are around $100-$150?

  3. W.C.E Bowen says

    Definitely investing in when disposable income is available.

    Again thanks for the honest gear reviews. It’s going to help me
    tremendously (especially financially).

  4. NateLB says

    Hey, have you ever considered firing the Steyr M9 or L9 pistols? You might
    really like them, and I would love if you did a video on one.

  5. TacticalTigerBalm says

    Awesome gear! And review. Price is just too high. I rather save that $400
    for another firearm purchase. 

  6. Nick condo says

    With constitutional carry on the roll, these holster/war belt companies
    will see sales go through the roof lol I’m definitely interested in getting
    one of these and saving up to go to more advanced shooting classes. Great
    video Tim!

  7. hohenstaufenz says

    It’s nice to see high-end gear from time to time, but $450 for a kit like
    this, I’ll pass. Not cost-effective AT ALL, unless you really believe a kit
    like this will really serve you any true advantage on the field. Better to
    save that money on ammo for training.

  8. Arctodus 5 says

    Wow, that rig looks amazing. I was literally just about to order the HSG
    system until I saw this. Honestly, $450 for what you get is not bad at all.
    I try not to put a price on gear that could potentially save my life. Great
    review and much thanks.

  9. libertyshooter says

    If you want a high speed low drag system it’s going to cost. This goes for
    any extreme sport as well. Nice rig and appears to be worth the money if
    you’re looking for this specific type of rig.

  10. Courtney Budimlija says

    Hey Mac thank you for this great vid I was debating on get this rig and
    your video helped me make my decision on this purchase. I also have a
    question if you have the time. I’m looking to put new sights on my VZ58
    clone I was thinking fiber optic red front green rear or Xs Big dot front I
    thought of this also for low light and night use do you have an idea on
    which is easy on the eyes to pickup thanks if you could help

  11. TacticalDesire says

    Put that jacket you were wearing on your website and I will be the first
    one to buy it.

  12. PelenTan says

    Very good review. Had me mostly convince this was something I should put
    on my list of eventual. Then I went to the site. No holster for the
    Walther P99. No mag pouches for the AK-47 mags. And way to in love with
    the Glock.

  13. Codidicus says

    I usually agree with you but not this time. My HSGI padded war belt, with
    cobra buckle/belt, two double decker tacos, two pistol tacos, drop bag, and
    med kit were only 350. Not to mention I can run multiple guns with it and
    the belt itself helps with lumbar support. And… suspender ready. I agree
    that it is much wider, but that is not always a con, when used with my body
    armor it out far enough it does not get hung up on the thick carrier/armor.
    It just has much more versatility and use for me. But again thats me and
    opinions differ. Good video regardless.

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