1. Larry Korn says

    He dressed up as a soldier to get discounts. Stolen Valor. Those who think
    they can do this don’t appreciate the meaning of putting your life on the
    line for your country wearing that uniform. I would like the Army to find
    him and ship his ass to Afghanistan and let real soldiers teach him some

  2. swiperboy sb says

    lol im bout to get me a military uniform so i can get that big discount at
    footlocker for em jordans ahaha

  3. Tony Nguyen says

    Yup..Peeps should be punished for this. Im a vet and I’ve seen some people
    fake being in the military. Especially when I go out on the weekends and
    enjoy nightlife. Many of them put on a fake uniform and look as if they are
    in the military just to pick up girls. Any military personal should know
    better not to do that.

  4. Leif Dallas says

    His badges where off center his patches weren’t right. So the fact that he
    was fat as hell didnt tell you As a Ranger he wouldn’t be so freaking fat.
    I am a five times loser of deployments I loved and with all my heart and
    miss the soldiers miss the comradery I hate the Shit about thank you for
    you service. . IF you sit there and accept someone saying that to you then
    you are wrong. You gracefully tell I choose to defend my country and it is
    a job, I accept the terms and conduit of employment, what I would like to
    say is that I appreciate the support and care that you have given the
    military through having and keeping a job to supply me with the best
    equipment I need to fight Say that to a civilian and see how the feel. I
    have had them tell me I never though of it that way. and your welcome. We
    are servant to the people and as time goes on lets not forget it. 

  5. Allen Albright says

    Fuck fox news. Those lying ass holes never miss a chance to ride on some
    soldiers dick. Funny thing is when it comes to the GOP and fox news just
    how many people there ever did any combat. There a bunch of shits.

  6. BearWalken says

    why do these fat ass phonies go over the top with their bullshit? it’s not
    enough for them to claim to be in the service. they have to be SEALs,
    Rangers, etc. lol 

  7. thzzzt says

    First, I’m so impressed with Berk in the interview. I wish I could be so
    right and clear-of-thought and speech as him. My mind is always in some
    sort of fog. He immediately inspires trust. I assume the military gave
    him this. I would have liked to have seen an interview with him before he
    went into service to confirm the transformation. This is exactly the kind
    of guy I would trust as a cop.

    Secondly, the phony sure had a lot of knowledge (although imperfect) of the
    military, certainly a lot more than your average civilian. (MOS? What the
    heck is that?) Anyway, if this phony had so much interest, why didn’t he
    just enlist? I would think it would be a dream come true for him. Now
    that this has happened, it seems like enlisting is the only way for him to
    live this down.

    Thirdly, I was never in the service but love camo pants. I just like the
    pattern and construction of military wear. If I wear just the pants am I
    offending former soldiers?

  8. ruby red says

    my big brothers did not fight in Afghanistan and Iraq so that morons can
    come and claim they did so that is just sick. My brothers saw their friends
    die in those places and came back different men, they do not socialise as
    much but slowly they are getting there it hurts to see other people try and
    snake their way with lies just to receive appreciation from the public it
    is sickening and they should be pinelized to the extent the law justifies
    it so it is only fair.

  9. Jennifer DeGreef says

    How dare that fuckin fat guy where the uniform. I wore that uniform with
    pride. He wore it like it was regular clothes. That pisses me off. Trust me
    if I ever saw someone like that I rip them too new assholes. I am so glad
    that a brother in arms called him out on it. I am very proud of Ryan
    calling him out on it in front if everyone in the mall. I hope that guy
    gets what he deserves.

  10. Chthonian121 says

    Alright fellow ex-army nutts let’s go beat up Brad Pitt, Marky Mark and Tom
    Hanks for impersonating soldiers in movies!!

  11. casey louderman says

    Ryan Berk I want to give a huge amount of appreciation in saying thankyou
    for serving our Nation. It means so much to me that you voiced out and
    confronted a fraud in front of multiple people in a local mall. I would
    have done the exact same. I have two brothers who served, one Wes Louderman
    is in basic at the moment San Diego California in Camp Pendleton USMC and
    my other brother Chase Louderman just got discharged on a good note, I’m
    not sure what it was but from Fort Eustis Virginia US Army for AIT and he
    did his basic at Fort Jackson South Carolina. But every military personal
    who are real veterans or active duty soldiers always make me feel proud. I
    was in Air Force ROTC, but I soon want to join Active duty a be a Marine

  12. Joseph Davis says

    My best friend is in the army and my grandfather is a veteran, it pusses me
    off to see people jus put it on and act like they have done what brave men
    and women have done. They should freakin beat the crap out of the imposter,
    hate that guy. I’m glad the soldier called him out

  13. Tom Bryan says

    He was abusive to the guy, he had no actual proof and condemned the guy in
    public. The soldier was wrong in publicly attacking him. Cussing and
    screaming in the mall is not ok.

  14. Badger BadgerBadger says

    That was literally the best interview I’ve ever seen on Fox News. I’m not
    sure I just saw something so coherent and genuine come out of that
    network. I will be rubbing my eyes for the next 15 minutes.

  15. Jack DaRapper says

    I served 2 years in the National Guard and deployed twice to Ft Jackson SC.
    Civilians like this make me sick.

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