1. Musaed Alsudairy says

    I have a problem! ,I bought the tank from the military website then I got
    an email that it has been deliverd but I can’t find it

  2. Dench97 says

    I went on and stalked Legendary Motorsport but in game I still don’t get a
    10% discount, it says i do on the LifeInvader website but in game it
    doesn’t change anything, am i doing anything wrong?

  3. casey Baker says

    who wants to start a crew I’m only a level 10 But kind of a good driver so
    if you do send lmiasm a friend request for ps3

  4. Gametic Gaming says

    Hey guys! We just started a new channel, where we are going to post
    gameplay’s with some games like. WoW, AC Black Flag and stuff like that!
    Please subscribe to our channel! Looking forward to getting started!

  5. Francis Ilagan says

    Great vids Typical Gamer! Keep it up since u just earned another
    subscriber, btw what console ya play? If PSN hit me up!!! Feeder2124 low
    rank but fun to play with…

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