1. oscar bainbridge says

    There shouldn’t be an Independence Day doc cause rockstar north are a
    Scottish company who made most of the game and wouldn’t allow a doc
    celebrating our defeat

  2. Sgt Porkbeans says

    An independence DLC would be a total ”murican” DLC I guess, so with a lot
    of guns, beer, and big ”murican trucks with automatic transmissions xD

  3. KayleighMorganMusic says

    It’s a screen shot of a white box with code on it. literally anyone could
    do that, I do not see why people feel the need to hype up the fan base with
    things like this to probably disappoint and anger them later on. we already
    are pissed enough because of heists, why push it more? 

  4. Dylan Bartz says

    I would put in government vehicles that you can buy such a police cars and
    a fire chief SUV and on war stock you can by the swat truck and fire truck
    and ambulance make military outfit police uniform and firefighter gear.
    Weapons should be a fire axe fire extinguisher riot shield and fire work
    launcher. And my last idea a Uncle Sam outfit 

  5. MrDuckie228 says

    they should stop making ‘useless’ DLC’s and just make the heists that the
    whole GTA online community has been waiting for. for real though.

  6. Danilo Lopez says

    Here’s my idea of what kind of military vehicle they could add; a
    modernized WW2 plane with a working machine gun

  7. JowenHD says

    So this is coming to everyone even thou its only celebrated by
    Americans…isn’t that a bit racist only putting in American holidays, I
    know Rockstar’s main HQ is in New York but they do have HQ’s around the
    global. But good video man and if they bring out what you say then i dont
    mind what form it comes in, im just happy of these things do come out. 

  8. Zack Crook says

    I don’t think Rockstar is going to add any more DLC weapons. Here’s why I
    say that, I have to collector’s edition of the game which gives you
    exclusive weapons. With those weapons plus the ones from every other DLC,
    the wall of weapons where you but the guns they add in is completely full.
    So, unless they add another wall or something, I really believe there wont
    be anymore weapons added to GTA. 

  9. yokitron290 says

    A all american paint job is what I want like the american flag or
    something. This sounds stupid but a firework launcher when you shoot it and
    it detonates it looks like fireworks

  10. Patriot27922 says

    Police & Military Clothing
    Ability to add Sirens & Lights
    Camo Paint Jobs
    Police Livery
    able to purchase police vehicles
    add new military vehicles
    New Weapons
    Add animals

  11. desmond z. says

    The dlc is gonna include Jeff goldblum and will Smith as alien fighting
    buddies and a special crop duster with a missile attached to destroy that
    last mother ship!!

  12. Morgan Rahunen says

    Remember when mrbossftw Said that he wanted Millitary clothes?or didn’t
    Want more super cars in the hipster dlc? I think that Rockstar listens to
    mrbossftw beacouse he Dosent hack and glitch and says no to that stuff he
    wanted old cars and we got it and we might get Millitary clothing do you
    think that Rockstar listens to mrbossftw please Reply 

  13. ROFLProductions1000 says

    YEP! Let the records show that a MrBossFTW was THE one to theorize months
    in advance that there may or may not be an independence Day DLC!

    I mean, that’s great and all, but who gives a damn. I’m not trying to hate
    but, I came here to hear about the possibility of an Independence Day DLC.
    Not to listen to you stake your claim at being the one to “call it” that
    there would be a DLC like this.

  14. Prezza Tiny says

    They could add military style gas masks because you can see them all over
    ammunition. It was just an Idea :) 

  15. usaSAVAGE says

    It can only be about our American independence day LOL what other country
    is independent like ours ?
    that’s right, NONE ! looks like a lot of people might be offended by this
    next update @_@ LOL

  16. raging melon says

    I hope it will have attack helicopters because the buzzard is ok but its
    not good at hittng moving targets on the ground and the army jet is too
    hard to get

  17. Parker Bass says

    The Police Stinger from GTA IV multiplayer would be awesome to have
    considering it has the American flag paint job on it.

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